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Netflix baking show to feature RCBC faculty member

Diane Fehder loves to bake, teach and compete on reality TV competitions.

RCBC research team builds secure platform, presents at Hackaday Supercon

What do you get when you combine two dormant RCBC servers, seven computer science and cybersecurity majors and boundless creative energy? The answer: IRIS, a tamper-resistant message authentication system that provides a convenient and secure means to transfer and store data among computers. 

RCBC's spring personal and professional development classes

Personal and professional development classes are open

Registration is now open for Rowan College at Burlington County’s (RCBC) spring Personal and Professional Development courses and career certificates.

RCBC alumna earns Evesham Police Department Officer of the Month

Having grown up in a family of law enforcement officers, pride and accomplishment were the pillars of Kellie Demofonte’s childhood. As she grew up, she realized she never lost those qualities, and they served her well throughout her adult life. 

Explore RCBC’s new health education offerings

Did you know that healthcare is one of the highest growth industries in the world? According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, more than 14.3 million people are employed in the healthcare industry, and it’s projected that 3.2 million new healthcare jobs will be created over the next eight years. 

RCBC 3+1 student explores multiple career options

Brian O’Neal began his college career as many students do. Undecided. However, after meeting with a Student Services staff member at RCBC, he gained a renewed sense of direction and a job.  

RCBC helps small businesses ahead of Small Business Saturday

With the start of the holiday shopping season approaching, the RCBC Workforce Development Institute held a Small Business Resource Fair at the Willingboro Campus to help prepare for Small Business Saturday.

Small Business Saturday is held annually on the Saturday after Thanksgiving to raise awareness of the importance of supporting small businesses.

Alumna discovers passion for medicine through RCBC Student Research Program

Megan Scott always knew that she wanted to further her education at the college level, but she wasn’t sure how to afford it with her husband beginning a career in the Air Force. She’s not alone. A recent study conducted by the Institute for Higher Education Policy found that the vast majority of U.S. schools are unaffordable for most students. 

RCBC screens award-winning film produced by alumni

When considering the circumstances of war, we often view it through the lens of the people involved: servicemen and women, global leaders, innocent bystanders, etc… We rarely, if ever, consider the animals.

Wild quail two ways

Winter is coming, and there is nothing greater than a hot meal that includes all of your favorite flavors and spices, combined with a taste of some wild game. My favorite wild game are duck, boar, venison and so on. However, one of my favorite recipes of all the time when it comes to the winter season is “Wild Quail 2 ways.”

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