Art Programs

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Associate of Fine Art Degree

The Associate in Fine Arts degree in Art provides a core foundation in drawing, design, and 3 dimensional design as well as an immersion experience in program, studio and art history courses. Students will prepare a comprehensive portfolio demonstrating competence in all areas of art foundations.

Graduates of this program should be able to:

  • Demonstrate their proficiency in the basic artistic materials, techniques and principles of art and design.
  • Demonstrate effective oral and written communication skills.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of major art works from the past, the styles they represent, and their significance for artists today.
  • Discuss and analyze major issues facing the art world today.
  • Demonstrate an ability to select and prepare artworks for exhibition.
  • Demonstrate the ability to document their artwork.
  • Prepare a comprehensive portfolio that demonstrates competence in all areas of art foundations.


General Education Core Requirements Credits
  Written and Oral Communications 6
  Math (MTH 107 or higher) 3
  Natural Science (PSC 105/106 recommended) 4
  Social Science 3
  Arts and Humanities (Art 101 required) 3
  Additional General Education
(Required - any diversity course listed on page 51 of the Catalog)
  Total General Education 22
Program Courses  
  ART 110 Design I 3
  ART 112 Design II 3
  ART 120 Drawing I 3
  GDD 101 Introduction to Computer Graphics 3
  ART 122 Figure Drawing 3
  ART 135 3D Design 3
  ART 214 Portfolio Preparation 3
  ART 250 Art History I 3
  ART 251 Art History II 3
  ART 252 Introduction to Modern Art 3
  Total Program Credits 30
Select six credits from the following:  
  ART 121 Drawing II  
  ART 220 Painting I  
  ART 221 Painting II  
  ART 222 Sculpture I  
  ART 223 Sculpture II  
  ART 224 Ceramics I  
  ART 225 Ceramics II  
  GDD 110 Graphic Design I  
  PHO 102 Black and White Photography  
  PHO 115 History of Photography  
  PHO 120 Digital Photography I
  Elective Credits 3
  Total Required for Degree 61