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Biology (AS.BIO)

An A.S. Biology degree is designed to easily transfer to most four-year institutions. The specific electives and grade point average (GPA) requirements for transfer will vary depending on the transfer institution. For more specific information, you should visit the transfer institution’s website and plan to make an appointment with Transfer Services. The sooner you start thinking about where you are going to transfer, the easier your transition will be.  

For Biology majors, RCBC participates in Guaranteed Admission Programs with the following transfer institutions:

Rowan University, Arcadia University, Delaware Valley College, Drexel University, Georgian Court University, Holy Family University, Morgan State University, New Jersey City College, Rider University, The Richard Stockton College of New Jersey, Rosemont College, Rutgers University, Saint Joseph’s University, Saint Peter’s College, Seton Hall University, The College of New Jersey, Thomas Edison State College, Wesley College.

*If the institution you would like to attend is not on this list you may still apply as part of a regular transfer agreement.

Fall I Credits
ENG 101 College Composition I 3
MTH 130 Precalculus 3-4
BIO 103 General Biology I 3
BIO 104 General Biology I Laboratory 1
CHE 115 General Chemistry I 3
CHE 116 General Chemistry Laboratory 1
Spring I  
ENG 102 College Composition II 3
  History 3
BIO 107 General Biology II 3
BIO 108 General Biology II Laboratory 1
CHE 117 General Chemistry I 3
CHE 118 General Chemistry II Laboratory 1
Summer I  
  Arts and Humanities 3
  Diversity 3
Fall II  
  Program Course*^ 3-4
  Program Course*^ 3-4
  Social Science 3
  Elective 3
Spring II  
  Program Course* 3
  Program Course* 3
  Social Science 3
  Elective 3
Summer II  
  Elective 3

Program Courses:
*PHY 210/211 (General Physics I / Lab)
*PHY 212/213 (General Physics II / Lab)
*CHE 240/241 (Organic Chemistry I with Lab)
*CHE 242/243 (Organic Chemistry II / Lab)
^BIO 208/209 (Human Anatomy & Physiology I / Lab)
^BIO 212/213 (Human Anatomy & Physiology II / Lab)
^BIO 221/222 (Microbiology / Lab)
BIO 230/231 (Ecology / Lab)
BIT 103/150 (Intro to Biotechnology)
MTH 119 (Calculus II and Analytic Geometry)

* = recommended for students wishing to enter into professional fields (medicine, chiropractic medicine, veterinary medicine, pharmacy, dentistry, optometry, physical therapy or physician assistant programs).
^ = recommended for students wishing to transfer into a BSN (Bachelors in Nursing) program