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Biology Program Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How to I enroll in the biology program?
A: You may register online or in person at Mt. Laurel. When you fill out your registration there will be an option to list “Biology” as your major. Or, if you are already registered at RCBC you may go to the registration desk and fill out a form requesting your major be switched into biology."

Q: Do I need to obtain an advanced degree to be employed as a biologist?
A: The short answer is “No”. But, if you are planning to seek employment right after graduation it is essential to build up a professional network and maintain a good grade point average (GPA) while you are still in school. There are several opportunities for summer internships that you should plan to take advantage of (you usually need to apply the winter before the internship). Also, temp staffing agencies such as Kelly Scientific specialize in placing recent science grads in open positions.

Q: Which biological fields have the most available job openings?
A: Biotechnology and Health Care related fields are the fastest growing. With an ageing population the need for to health care services and related occupations is on the rise. Every position from M.D.s to laboratory technician is expected to increase its demand in the next few years. Other fields such as environmental science will also be experiencing growth in the as the population becomes more aware of human impact on our environment. For a more comprehensive job outlook please look at the Occupational Outlook Handbook, published by the US Bureau of Labor Statistics every two years. This report includes information on education requirements, average salaries and expected job growth.