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Payment Options and Policy

Payment Options

Steps to pay online with credit card or check:

  • Log into WebAdvisor.
  • Go to the Financial Information Section.
  • Click on “Manage your Payment, Payment Plans and More”.
  • Click on “Make a Payment”

Pay Online
Rowan College at Burlington County has partnered with E-Commerce service provider NelNet Business Solution, offering an online payment option through WebAdvisor.  A payment in the form of credit card (Visa, Discover, Master and AMEX) and check, providing your bank routing number and savings or checking account number is accepted to make the payment in full. 

Pay In-Person
An in person payment in the form of check and cash is accepted. For office hours, please click here.

Payment via Mail
Personal, Certified check through mail is accepted, payable to RCBC (Rowan College at Burlington County).

Please include your student ID number on the check along with your mailing address and phone number.

Payment Plan
An Interest free monthly payment plan is available to our students. To learn more please visit “Payment Plan Options”.

Third Party Sponsor
Rowan College at Burlington County is affiliated with Verizon, DVR, WAWA, and Virtua and will accept a payment voucher submitted to us by the payment deadline established for each term.

Any charges that is not being paid by the employer will be student’s responsibility to pay by the payment deadline.

If your employer offers tuition benefits, you must submit for approval, on company letterhead, a non-contingent request for an employer deferment prior to the term payment due date.

For any questions or inquires you may email Karen Endre at

Financial Aid

Financial Aid funds will be applied to your tuition bill only if you have been approved for financial aid and receive official notification from the RCBC Financial Aid Office before the payment due date.

If the amount of your award does not cover your entire bill, you must pay the difference in full or enroll in the Nelnet Payment Plan for the difference only. If you do not receive approval from the Financial Aid Office before the payment due date, you must sign up for the Nelnet Payment Plan or pay your bill in full.

Financial Aid must be awarded if you are eligible. Please check WebAdvisor for award amounts or you may email the Financial Aid Office at to learn more about your eligibility.

Chargeback Process

1. First-semester students will receive a letter from the Admissions Office verifying their
admission to Rowan College at Burlington County
2. Students should obtain a copy of their College Assessment from the Test Center.
3. All out-of- county students will receive information from the RCBC Registrar indicating what
courses or curriculum they are enrolled in for the semester.
4. Out-of- county students must submit all necessary information for processing by the
appropriate office (Registrar, Admissions and Business Office) of their home county college.
The "home" county college will issue one of the following:

  • A "certificate of eligibility" if the student's program is approved for chargeback
  • A "refusal form" if chargeback authorization is denied

5. Residency Certificate must be completed by the the County Treasurer's Office of your "home"
6. Return all information to the RCBC Accounting Office.

This process must be completed by the deadlines established by the student's "home" county.
The renewal process each semester after your first enrollment depends on the procedures established by your "home"county college.
For further information regarding chargeback-eligible programs and requirements, please contact RCBC's Registration or Accounting office.

For further information, regarding chargeback-eligible programs and requirements, please contact RCBC's Registration or Accounting office.

Return Check Policy:

Any check returned to the college by the bank on which it is drawn, for any reason, will incur a $35 processing fee in addition, in the future, the student's privilege of writing personal checks to the college may be revoked. Post-dated checks will not knowingly be accepted by the college, and if returned by the bank, are subject to the bad check fee.