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Unemployed Person's Tuition Waiver Program


Submit an admissions application.  Application fee waived when submitted online. 
Paper applications require a $20.00 application fee.  Participants must declare major. 

College Assessment

Take the college assessment.  
For more information about the college assessment visit the Test Center website, click here.
To schedule appointment and for testing information, call   (856) 222-9311 or (609) 894-9311 ext. 1942.

See RCBC's current college catalog for exemptions from taking test.

Participants are allowed to register at any for our 4 locations during the registration period.

In order to register, participants must provide the following completed forms:

  • RCBC Checklist and Unemployment Information form
  • Copy of Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) electronic confirmation page
  • Unemployed Person Tuition Waiver Certification form from the One Stop Career Center
  • RCBC Credit Course Registration Form


Participants are welcome, but not required, to meet with an Academic Advisor during scheduled hours.  You can schedule an appointment by calling (609) 894-9311, ext. 5606.


First time participants:  Call (609) 518-3900 immediately to schedule and attend a Tuition Waiver Seminar at Burlington County One Stop Career Center, 795 Woodlane Road, Westampton, NJ.  Attendance is mandatory in order toreceive the Unemployed Persons Tuition Waiver Certification form

Returning participants: Contact Sandy Weinberg ASAP at (609) 518-3913 to schedule an appointment to pick up an Unemployed Persons Tuition Waiver Certification form.


This process must be completed by all participants.

IMMEDIATELY file the current year Federal Application for Student Aid (FAFSA)
Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) electronically at

  • You must enter RCBC's Federal School Code: 007730 on the on-line FAFSA prior to submission.
  • You must provide a copy of the electronic confirmation page, which verifies submittal of FAFSA to the RCBC Financial Aid Department.
  • Student must be making satisfactory academic progress.
  • Students who are not making satisfactory academic progress are ineligible to use a waiver.
  • Students in default on a student loan are ineligible to use a waiver.
  • Tuition waiver will not be applied to tuition in place of financial aid.


You must pay all fees and submit the following documents to one of RCBC's Business offices during the four days of the fall, spring and summer registration period. (Four business days prior to class start date)

Fees and Charges:  (Participant Responsibility)

The completed paperwork which consists of the UEW Tuition Program Checklist, the Unemployed Person Job Training Form (certification) and the Unemployment Information Form will be submitted to the Business Office in Mt. Laurel or Pemberton.  Payment for the following fees will be expected at the same time the paperwork is submitted.  The student is responsible for the following fees;

  • Processing Fee - $20.00
  • Application Fee - $20.00 (If paper application is submitted)
  • Standard Registration Fee - $30.00 (If Applicable)
  • Late Registration Fee - $40.00, (If Applicable)
  • Online class fees, Lab and Materials fees associated with courses, due at registration
    (refer to term brochure for fees)
  • Payment for books and course fees

If payment does not accompany the completed forms, the waiver will not be applied.  If payment is
not received by Payment Due Date the student will be deleted.

Classes may be dropped only.  All classes added after the submission of the unemployed person’s tuition waiver program documentation are the financial responsibility of the student.

All schedule changes must be reported to the Business Office.  If the schedule change creates a balance the student must contact the Business Office or the risk being deleted from their class schedule.  If a student changes terms after the unemployment waiver is applied, the student must notify the Business Office and request a waiver transfer.  Failure to notify the Business Office could result in the deletion of your class schedule.

If the participant loses Financial Aid for whatever reason, the valid unemployed person’s tuition waiver will be applied to cover the balance.

If the participant withdraws after the add/drop period and the waiver is applied the unemployed person’s tuition waiver will remain on the student’s account.

Out-Of County students must prove that the course is not offered at their local County College.
Documentation will be required.