Campus Transformation

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Archaeological Data Recovery Required before Rowan College at Burlington County (RCBC) Expansion

1963 Aerial ViewArchaeological excavations are under way at RCBC prior to expansion of the campus.  The focus of this work is the 18th-century Borton/Ballinger farmstead that formed the core of the campus property before the college came into being.  The farmstead was settled in the mid-18th century and the farmhouse and other farm buildings stood on the site until the 1980s.  These excavations, technically termed a Phase III archaeological data recovery, are being carried out by Hunter Research, Inc. and are required by the New Jersey State Historic Preservation Office before the loop of College Circle Drive can be completed.

The goals of the investigation are:  to document the buried remains of farmstead nucleus, including the main house, outhouse, well, barns, sheds and other outbuildings; to gather artifacts related to the site’s occupation; and to thoroughly research the history of the farm and the people that lived there.  The archaeologists working at the site will be providing periodic updates on the progress of the excavations.  Check back with us soon!

Photograph caption:  A 1963 aerial photograph showing the Borton/Ballinger farmstead when it was owned by the Votta family.