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Doing the Real Work

Archaeologist TeamA small experienced team of archaeologists is unraveling the mysteries of the Borton/Ballinger Farmstead Site.  Leading the charge is Jim Lee, Vice President and Principal Investigator at Hunter Research, who has worked in the Middle Atlantic region for more than 20 years, specializing in the Native American and historic sites archaeology of the Delaware Valley.  Working alongside Jim as a Principal Investigator and running the day-to-day field operations is Josh Butchko, another long-time Hunter Research employee, who has increasingly focused on farms and domestic sites of the 18th and 19th centuries.  Josh is being assisted by Andy Martin, a Senior Archaeologist, recently returned from a summer excavation season in the Orkneys, along with Dot Both and Jordan Smith, field archaeologists, who are bearing the brunt of the excavation work and recording duties, in addition to processing the artifacts being recovered.  Evan Mydlowski, the Hunter Research cartographer and GIS specialist is periodically assisting with surveying and mapping.  Much of the actual excavation is being accomplished mechanically and for this task we are relying on local contractor Tom’s Backhoe and Excavation Service.  In these dog days of summer we appreciate everyone’s sterling efforts in the painstaking work of exposing foundations, recording soil profiles and gathering in the artifacts that help us reconstruct the life of this typical Burlington County farmstead.