Computer Science Programs

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Computer Management Information Systems (AAS.MIS)

This program is designed primarily to meet the needs of those students who intend to seek immediate employment in the business world. The student will receive background in theory and practice in modern computer programming, applications, and business systems analysis.

Management Information Systems is a very specialized area within the computer field. In addition to courses in information processing, the curriculum includes courses in business-related subjects.

Recommended course sequences are also available, and should be reviewed with an advisor. In addition, the Course Outlines provide specific information about each course including: a course description, required materials, Course Learning Outcomes, and a topical outline for the course.

General Education Courses Credits
  Written & Oral Communications 6
  Mathematics (MTH 130 or MTH 141 recommended) 3-4
  Natural Science 4
  Social Science 3
  Arts & Humanities 3
  Additional General Education Requirements (Required - any diversity course listed on page 51 of the Catalog) 3
  Total 22-23
*See General Education Requirements on page 58 of the College Catalog.
Program Course Credits
ACC 112 Principles of Financial Accounting I  4
ACC 113 Principles of Financial Accounting II w/ Spreadsheets 4
BUA 101 Business Functions in a Global Society 3
CIS 111 Programming BASIC 3
CIS 132 MS Access Techniques and Programming 3
CIS 150 Networking Fundamentals 4
CIS 165 Network and Systems Administration 4
CIS 200 Fundamentals of Network Security 4  
  OR 3-4
CIS 207 Intrdouction to Computer Forensics 3  
ENG 105 Technical Writing 3


  Electives (CIS, CSE or EET courses recommended) 5-7
  Total Requirements for Degree 60