Computer Science Programs

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Computer Servicing & Networking Technology Option (AAS.PCN)

The Computer Servicing & Networking Technology option to the Electronics Engineering Technology program provides a solid theoretical foundation as well as practical hands-on laboratory experiences in electronics and computers. This option includes some electronic courses as well as computer and networking courses to enable graduates to peruse a career as a computer and network technician.

The mission of the Burlington County College Electronics Engineering Technology program and Computer Servicing & Networking Technology option is to produce graduates who are able to obtain employment as a technician or transfer to a four-year college. In addition, graduates will be technically competent, able to communicate effectively, work well with others and demonstrate professionalism.

Recommended course sequences are also available, and should be reviewed with an advisor. In addition, the Course Outlines provide specific information about each course including: a course description, required materials, Course Learning Outcomes, and a topical outline for the course.

General Education Courses Credits
  Written & Oral Communications (ENG 101 and SPE 102 required) 6
  Mathematics (MTH 130 required) 4
  Natural Science (PHY 110/111 required) 4
  Social Science (SOC 160 required) 3
  Arts & Humanities 3
  Additional General Education Requirements (MTH 118 or MTH 142 or MTH 226 required) 3-4
  Total 23-24
*See General Education Requirements on page 58 of the College Catalog.
CS&NT Option Courses
CIS 150 Networking Fundamentals 4
CIS 165 Network and Systems Administration 4
EET 121 Circuits 1 4
EET 131 Solid State Devices 4
EET 141 Digital Circuits 4
EET 210 IT Essentials: A+ 4
EET 242 Microporcessor Systems
Computer Science (CIS 111, CSE 110, or CSE 135 required)


CS&NT Option Electives
Select 10 credit hours from the following
CIS 200 Fundamentals of Computer Security 4  
CIS 207 Introduction to Computer Forensics 3  
EET 101 Introduction to Electronics 3  
EET 232 Analog Integrated Circuits 4  
EET 222 Circuits II 3  
EGR 103 Fundamentals of Engineering Design 3  


  Total Requirements for Degree 64