Computer Science Programs

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Networking Support and Servicing Certificate (SPC.EET)

This special program will enable students to prepare for both A+ and CISCO- CCNA Certification examinations. These two industry-recognized certificates would qualify the individuals for numerous job opportunities as Computer and Networking Service Technicians. All courses in this certificate apply toward Computer Servicing and Networking Technology AAS degree program.

Recommended course sequences are also available, and should be reviewed with an advisor. In addition, the Course Outlines provide specific information about each course including: a course description, required materials, Course Learning Outcomes, and a topical outline for the course.

*If the student does not have a previous background in circuits it is recommended that the student takes EET 101.
Program Course Credits
EET 121 Circuits I 4
CIS 150 Networking Fundamentals 4
CIS 165 Network and Systems Administration 4
CIS 200 Fundamentals of Network Security  
CIS 207 Introduction to Computer Forensics 3
EET 210 IT Essentials: A+ 4
EET 141 Digital Circurits 4
  Total Required Credits 27