Behavioral Health Counseling

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Confidentiality Statement

Rowan College at Burlington County Student Support Counselors safeguard the privacy and security of information shared with your counselor.  The confidentiality of information that you share with a counselor is protected by Federal and State law.  Such personal information will not ordinarily be disclosed to any third party without your express, written, informed consent, stipulating what information may be divulged to whom, for what purposes, and within what time period. 

However, there are several exceptions to the general rule of confidentiality.  We would be required to release information and possibly contact appropriate people if:

  1. We believe there are indications of an imminent risk of harm to you.  Under these circumstances, it may be necessary for the staff to take whatever action is necessary for your safety, including notifying appropriate college officials.
  2. You disclose intent to harm another person; in such circumstances, the staff member is required not only to notify appropriate law enforcement agencies, but also the intended target of the threat.
  3. We learn information which leads us to believe that someone under the age of 18 or an elderly person is being abused. 
  4. We receive a valid court order to release information.

Additional Information about Email Communication:

To help ensure privacy, students are cautioned against sending sensitive, detailed personal information through email.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding confidentiality, please discuss them with a Student Support Counselor.


Student Support Services Confidentiality Statement Form

To download a copy of the Student Support Services Confidentiality Statement Form, click here.