The Culinary Arts Center at RCBC

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Fun Culinary Workshops

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Great cooking doesn’t have to be the difficult. Much of the basis for great cooking is based in technique. Come in and learn to develop a deeper understanding of some basic techniques that can help you develop your “Inner Chef” and learn how to do it around Regional French Cuisine. Each class contains different techniques and are productions are designed for a pair.

Alsatian Exploration
12-4 pm on Saturday, February 16
The menu for this class will have an emphasis on the flavors from the Alsace and Lorraine area of France. The dish will include a light Farmhouse Chicken similar to a dish Paul Bocuse made famous. In addition, we will make a supple Onion Tart and Spaetzle.

Norman Conquest
12-3:30 pm on Saturday, March 9
The main attraction for this class will be learning an easy technique for making pansauces from different products. Another will be executing an easy technique for sautéing flat fish. We will make the classic Sole Meuniere with Dover Sole. The other dish will be a rich Pork Normandy with fresh pasta.

Duck Deconstruction
12-3:30 pm on Saturday, April 13
Come in and understand what makes this often-misunderstood fowl such a versatile culinary element. The class will center on butchering and building a center piece for a couple of delicious dishes. You learn how to sauté duck breast and build an amazing sauce through a couple of Nouvelle techniques.