Dental Hygiene

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General Information Regarding Appointments

Please call (856) 291-4215 for an appointment in the Rowan College at Burlington County Dental Hygiene Center.

  • Please keep in mind that our clinic is an educational setting.
  • The Dental Hygiene students deliver services and are supervised by licensed professionals.
  • The first step in the appointment process is a screening, which takes about 45 minutes. There is no charge for the screening appointment.
  • The screening appointment is for filling out medical and dental histories and a brief examination of your mouth, performed by our faculty, to determine your dental hygiene needs. You will NOT receive a cleaning at this visit!
  • At the completion of the screening appointment we can schedule your appointments with a student for further treatment.
  • Accepting an appointment with a student is a commitment to that student that you will arrive promptly for your scheduled appointments and fulfill your obligation to that student by staying the required 3 and one half hours and returning for continuing care if your cleaning cannot be completed in one visit.
  • The cost for an appointment is $5 per visit.
  • Thank you for considering the Rowan College at Burlington County Dental Hygiene Center for your preventive dental services. We really appreciate our patients!
  • Rowan College at Burlington County maintains a state-of-the-art facility. We are in compliance with all federal, state and local policies and procedures regarding blood borne pathogens. A copy of our manuals regarding our Exposure Control Plan, Hazard Communication Plan and Radiation Health and Safety are available upon request. 
  • Please go to the patient forms page to print and fill out all of the forms pertinent to your appointment.