Distance Education

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Technical Support


Blackboard Security Alerts

When you visit the Blackboard login page you may receive a message that asks if you want to receive both secure and non-secure information. You do want to receive both types of information since the login information is encrypted to protect your privacy, but the rest of the site is not, so you should allow this action. Depending on your web browser and version, you may need to click the "Yes" or the "No" or the "OK" button to receive non-secure items.

The first time you access Blackboard after we install our new security certificate, you will receive a Security message asking you to trust or accept the security certificate, since the SSL certificate may not yet be recognized by your web browser or accepted based on your security settings. In most cases you have the option to permentantly or always trust this certificate. If you choose this option you will generally not be prompted to do this step again. When you accept the certificate and continue on, your login information is now secure.

When navigating around the site or logging off of the site you may also see messages relating to site security. In every case please read the message and make the decision to allow or accept security, even if it indicates that non-secure or non-trusted certificates or connections are also being used.

Thank you for you patience with these measures, which are designed to protect you as you log in to online courses.


Additional Support

Primary technical support is provided by your professor. This means that your professor should always be the first person you contact if your are having any problems with your course. If you are having problems with more than one course contact all of your professors! Before contacting your professor, however, please review all of the information on this page, especially the links above. For Blackboard's latest computer system requirements, click here.

Technical support for RCBC's Blackboard system may also be available from the Office of Distance Education by calling (609) 894-9311 or (856) 222-9311, ext. 1790. The Office of Distance Education can also be reached by email to dlearn@rcbc.edu, but please note that only your Professor can make specific course-related decisions regarding class material and grading.

Assistance with RCBC systems other than Blackboard (for instance student email and WebAdvisor) can be obtained through the Student Help Desk. Students can submit a help desk ticket by visiting: rcbc.edu/studenthelpdesk. The Office of Distance Education can not provide assistance with any system except Blackboard.