Electronic Engineering Technology

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ABET Accreditation

The Rowan College at Burlington County Electronics Engineering Technology (EET) program, which has a Computer Servicing & Networking Technology (CS&NT) option is Accredited by the Engineering Technology Accreditation Commission (ETAC) of ABET, 415 North Charles St., Baltimore, MD 21201 (410) 347-7700.

What is accreditation? Accreditation is used to assure quality of programs in educational institutions. It requires our college and the EET program meet certain, defined standards or criteria. There are two types of accreditation, institutional and specialized. Institutional accreditors, such as the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools, are “regional” accreditors and examine the college as a whole. Specialized accreditors evaluate specific programs such as the engineering and technology programs. ABET is a professional accrediting organization that accredits Electronics Engineering Technology and Engineering programs across the country.

How does accreditation benefit the student? Accreditation serves to notify parents and prospective students that a program has met accepted standards. Student work, faculty qualifications, laboratory resources and administrative support are evaluated for strengths and weaknesses and a report is issued on ways to improve the program. Employers know that these graduates are prepared to begin professional practice. Students who graduate from an ABET accredited institution have an easier time transferring to other ABET accredited institutions. Also, state licensing boards and certification programs may require graduation from an ABET-accredited program as the first step in the registration or certification process for professional practice. In some instances, ABET accreditation may permit students to receive federal funds in the form of scholarships, loans and grants.

415 North Charles Street
Baltimore, MD 21201
Phone: (410)-347-7700