Electronic Engineering Technology

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Electronics Technical & Tutorial References

Units and Standards:

SI Units Reference - Standards, History, Usage, Style.   From the NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology)

SI Prefixes and Symbols  Chart showing wide range of magnitudes expressed in "engineering" notation - that is, using only multiples of three in the exponent. All values encountered in our EET courses will be within the miple box.

Units of Measurement  -  Very interesting and informative site describing common and uncommon units.  With many hyperlinked terms. Good review of SI units and other measurements.

Unit Converters:






Scientific/Engineering calculator on EE WEB

Wolfram-Alpha - Computational Knowledge Engine

Convert Between Polar & Rectangular Notation

Calculator for Two Resistors in Parallel

The following calculator can be used to find the equivalent resistance of two resistors in parallel.
Instructions: Enter R values w/o prefixes.
ex. 4700 or 4.7e3 NOT 4.7k

This calculator can also find the R value (R1 or R2) needed to connect in parallel with a known value resistor to attain the entered Req value. eg. Enter R1=220 ohms, Req=150, and clear any numbers in R2. Click on SOLVE to find the R2 value (~470 ohms) which, when connected in parallel with R1 gives Req = 150 ohms.

Two Resistors in Parallel
R1 = R2 = Req =


555 IC - Timer Calculators

Interactive online calculators (and schematics) for monostable or astable operation of the LM555 timer IC.
Monostable 555 Calculator - Time delay or one-shot

Astable 555 Calculator - Free-running square-wave oscillator

555 Frequency & Duty Cycle Calculator - with pin function descriptions

(More 555 calculators are available here).

Voice Chip

Nuvoton - manufacturer of the ISD series of ChipCorder® voice recorder I.C.’s.   

We use the ISD1760 (28-pin DIP) which allows a recording time of up to 60 seconds.  These voice recorder I.C.s are available from Digi-Key Corp.


Test Equipment

Guide to Using the Function Generator & Oscilloscope
Function Generator & Oscilloscope Lab


What is LaTeX?

LaTex Online Equation Editor  by CodeCogs -   Just enter your LaTeX code and instantly see the formatted equation in the window below.  The equation appearing in the window can be copied as a graphics image and inserted into documents.

For help with LaTex commands try this wiki :http://www.artofproblemsolving.com/wiki/index.php?title=LaTeX:Commands
Many other sites have tutorials on using LaTex.

ISD Voice Chip schematic sample template files:

ISD1760 Voice Chip (Multisim 10)

ISD1760 Voice Chip (Visio 2003)

ISD1760 Voice Chip schematic (pdf)

ISD1760 Voice Chip (Visio 2002)

ISD2560 Voice Chip   (completed ISD2560 Digital Recorder ckt.)

Online Stopwatches:

Stopwatch 1: Can record split times. -(nearest 0.1 sec.)

Stopwatch 2: Can record split times. - Large digits (nearest 0.001 sec.)

Stopwatch 3: Shows split time, then resumes with total elapsed time (nearest 0.01 sec.)

Stopwatch 4: Online-Stopwatch.com   NO split times. Large digits,(nearest 0.001 sec.)

Stopwatch 5:   NO split times. (nearest 0.001 sec.)

Stopwatch 6:   NO split times. Large digits.  (nearest 1 sec.)

Circuit Simulation Software

We use NI (National Instruments) Multisim on our lab computers for circuit simulation and schematic capture.

Sites with free schematic capture (not simulation) software include:
(Both of these programs also include printed circuit board layout tools;
which are not used in our courses.)
ExpressPCB ..... Schematic capture program 
PCB123     ........  Schematic capture program

Graph Paper 

Graph Paper: SemiLog 4-cycle SemiLog 3-cycle SemiLog 2-cycle Linear

Certification & Professional Society sites:

ABET (formally known as Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology)

415 North Charles Street
Baltimore, Maryland   21201

ASEE - American Society of Engineering Education

IEEE - Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers

CompTIA IT Certifications -  A+ certifying organization 

Online Publications:

Nuts and Volts - "The Magazine for the Electronics Hobbyist"

CNET - Tech news and downloads.

EEWeb - "Electrical Engineering Community"

ET - the Technology Interface  -   online journal for engineering technology

EE Times - Trade periodical

TechWeb - Site devoted to technology

EDN Access -  Electronic design site