Geospatial Technology

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Careers in Geospatial Technology

Workers trained in the use and applications of geospatial technology are qualified to apply their knowledge and skills to a variety of fields. Many organizations are hiring GIS analysts and technicians as the use of geospatial data becomes more applicable to their day to day operations. 

Additionally, students acquiring skills to effectively operate geospatial technology are also highly marketable as they can apply these skills to specific disciplines. Many people who acquire degrees in a variety of fields can supplement their skill set with the use and application of GIS, GPS, and remote sensing.

Organizations that commonly employ workers skilled in geospatial technology include:

  • Government (local, state, and federal)
  • Business
  • Scientific organizations
  • Law enforcement
  • Education
  • Defense
  • Intelligence

This list is not exclusive as geospatial technology can be applied to a wide variety of disciplines.

For information on what types of jobs are available for people trained in geospatial technology, check out these sites:

For information on careers in geospatial technology, check out these sites: