Office of the Registrar

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Graduation Application

Please take the time to review all of the information provided to ensure that you have a complete understanding of the application process.

The graduation application must be accessed through WebAdvisor. If you are experiencing problems with your WebAdvisor password please contact the Student Help Desk. Once the application is submitted you may check your status under "Graduation Application Status" in WebAdvisor. Once your evaluation is complete, the following are the statuses associated with your application.

  1. New Application (NA) – The arrival of the application after the student has applied via WebAdvisor.
  2. Need Courses (NC) – Degree Audit shows that the student is in need of more courses to complete program. If your status is (NC) you will receive a communication via your RCBC student email address providing the courses you will need to complete your program.
  3. In Progress (IP) -Degree Audit shows applicant has enrolled in the necessary courses to complete program.
  4. Complete (CP) - Degree Audit shows all courses have been completed and grades have been provided for each course.


Example: NA - We have not yet processed your application

Note:  Your status may change from term to term. If a student received an IP status for the current term but did not pass, has dropped, and/or withdrawn from a course(s), then their status will change to NC. A communication is sent to the student via RCBC email providing the course(s) that are currently needed.

If the above applies the term date will change to the next graduating term.

The Graduation Office reserves the right to reject an application. Your application may be rejected because of the following:

  • If you have submitted an application, but do not have the necessary 48 credits completed for an evaluation.
  • A student has received one or more communications regarding courses needed for completion of degree but has not registered for those courses.
  • The student has not enrolled in a course for 3 consecutive terms.

If you have any questions regarding graduation or the application process, please contact the Graduation Office by email at