Office of the Registrar

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Multiple Degrees

If you plan to pursue multiple degrees, meet with a college academic advisor/counselor to review degree requirements and prepare a program outline prior to completing 32 credits. Students desiring more than one degree from Rowan College at Burlington County must meet the following criteria:

  1. Declare the additional major(s) with Registration.
  2. Satisfy the General Education Requirement for each degree.
  3. Satisfy the program requirements for each major.
  4. Earn at least 15 additional credits for each additional degree.



The diplomas are mailed to the address indicated on the graduation application. Diplomas are mailed within 10-12 weeks following the degree conferral date. The college prints the degree(s) awarded and not the academic program(s).


Degree: Associate of Arts 


Academic Program: Sociology

Exception: Certificates (CRT or SPC) have the number of credited hours completed as well as the program listed on the certificate.

Note: If you have any outstanding financial obligations to the college your diploma will not be mailed until the obligation has been met.  


Grade Report

All final grades may be accessed via Web Advisor. Please note that instructors have 48 hours after the end of each term to post grades. To access WebAdvisor, Click Here.

You may reach the Graduation Office by email at