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Graduation FAQ

What degrees are offered at Rowan College at Burlington County?
Rowan College at Burlington County offers four types of degrees: Associate of Arts (A.A.), Associate of Fine Arts (A.F.A.), Associate of Science (A.S.) and Associate of Applied Science (A.A.S.). We also offer Credit Certificate Programs (CRT) and Special Certificate Programs (SPC).

What do I need to do to apply for Graduation?
Graduation is not automatic. All students who plan to graduate with a degree or certificate must apply for graduation. A student is eligible to apply for graduation upon completion of 48 credits toward a degree or enrollment in the final semester of a certificate program. Students must apply for graduation for the term in which all degree/certificate requirements will be completed. Please access WebAdvisor and fill out the Application for Graduation. WebAdvisor can be found by going to

When is the deadline to apply for graduation?
The college offers graduation in the following terms: spring, summer II and fall. In order to be considered for graduation in these terms you must adhere to the following deadlines:

Graduation Month/Application Deadline:

  • May/March 1
  • August/June 1
  • December/October 15

Please note: Rowan College at Burlington County has one Graduation Ceremony per year held in the month of May.

Can I postpone my graduation after applying?
If you will not meet the degree requirements in the semester for which you applied, please email and indicate that you would like your application moved to the following graduation term/semester.

How do I find out whether I have met all of the degree requirements to graduate?
The following graduation requirements must be met in order to have a degree conferred:

  1. All grades are posted.
  2. All general education and specific program courses are completed.
  3. All transfer courses necessary for degree completion are posted to the academic record.
  4. Cumulative grade point average (GPA) is 2.0 or higher.
  5. All “X” grade requirements are completed.
  6. All “I” grade requirements are completed and grade change processed.
  7. An online application for graduation has been submitted.

After applying for graduation, you will receive correspondence in the form of an email to your email account indicating your degree status.

How will I know what my graduation application status is after I have applied?
Once the application is submitted you may check your status under "Graduation Application Status" in WebAdvisor. The following are the statuses associated with your application:

  • New Application (NA) - The arrival of the application after the student has applied via WebAdvisor.
  • Need Courses (NC) - Degree Audit shows that the student is in need of more courses to complete program. If your status is (NC) you will receive a communication via your student email address providing the courses you will need to complete your program.
  • In Progress (IP) - Degree Audit shows that the applicant has enrolled in the necessary courses to complete program.
  • Complete (CP) - Degree Audit shows all courses have been completed and grades have been provided for each course.

What if I miss the application deadline for the semester in which I plan to graduate?
Apply for graduation under the most recent term that is available and then email and ask to have your graduation application moved to the current graduation term.

If I don't graduate during the semester for which I applied, do I have to reapply?
No, but you should review the email sent to your student email account regarding courses needed to graduate and register for the courses needed to complete the degree for which you applied. After registering, please email and including your name, student ID#, and indicate that you have registered for all courses necessary to complete the degree. Your application for graduation will be reviewed and the graduation application status will be adjusted.

What if I get married and my name changes after I apply for graduation? Can I change my name on my diploma? How?
Yes, please provide the appropriate official documentation to the Registration Department. Additionally, you will be asked to complete and sign a record change request form. After the name change is complete, please email and notify them of the name change so your diploma name can be updated.

Can I get a letter from the college with an anticipated graduation date to submit to my employer?
You will need to submit an Enrollment Verification Form found in the Registration section of the website at Please be sure to fill out the form in its entirety. Under ‘Include in Verification’, please check the box stating ‘Anticipated Graduation Date’, ‘Major, and ‘GPA’.

Can I participate in Graduation before I graduate?
Yes, if you are going to complete your degree in the Summer Term, you may still walk in the Graduation Ceremony but you will not officially have your degree conferred or receive a diploma until all degree requirements are complete. Please apply for the Summer II graduation term if you will be completing your degree requirements during one of the Summer Terms. All course requirements must be registered for and appear on your degree audit in order to participate in the ceremony. There are no exceptions to this rule.

Do I need tickets for my family and friends to attend graduation or convocation?
No, tickets are not necessary to attend the Health Sciences Commencement Ceremony and the Liberal Arts and STEM Commencement Ceremony. Only in the event of inclement weather will tickets be needed for the Health Sciences Ceremony and those tickets will be distributed by the Health Sciences Division to the Health Sciences graduates.

Do I need to wear a cap and gown to participate in graduation and convocation exercises?
Yes, due to the formal nature of these events, Rowan College at Burlington County students must wear a cap and gown in order to participate as a candidate for graduation in graduation and convocation. The Graduation Office uses the height and weight provided on the graduation application to order the appropriate sized gown for the prospective graduate. Anything worn under the gown must meet proper dress attire. However, graduating students may attend graduation and convocation as an audience member without wearing the cap and gown. Comfortable shoes are highly recommended.

Where and when do I line up for graduation?
Check-in and line-up for graduation processional is located in Votta Hall on the Mount Laurel Campus. Beginning late March, information will be emailed to RCBC students who have indicated that they will be participating in the graduation ceremony. The email will come from the

Will an interpreter for the deaf and hard of hearing sign during graduation?
Yes. An interpreter for the deaf and hard of hearing will sign during graduation. The ceremony is viewable on the large video screens in the graduation tent and in allocated areas throughout the campus.

How and when do I order and pick up my cap and gown?
Cap and gowns are ordered by the Graduation Office based on the height and weight information provided on the graduation application. There is no fee for graduation. Beginning late March, information regarding cap and gown pickup will be provided, via email, to any student email accounts who have indicated that they will be participating in the Graduation Ceremony.

When will my degree be reflected on my transcript?
Degrees post to transcripts starting two weeks after graduation. All grades necessary for graduation must be posted to the transcript prior to the degree being conferred. Please check to see if your degree conferral date has been placed on your academic record prior to requesting an Official Transcript. Log in to your WebAdvisor account, click on ‘Transcript’ and review the bottom of the transcript to see if the degree conferral date (graduation date) is noted on the academic record.

When will I get my diploma?
Eight to ten weeks after graduation.

What information is on my Diploma or Certificate?
On the Diploma:

  • The College’s name
  • The College seal
  • Your name as it was given to the college on your graduation application
  • The degree awarded (Associate of Arts, Associate of Fine Arts, Associate of Science, Associate of Applied Science)
  • Honors and PTK distinctions
  • The date your degree was awarded
  • Signatures of the Chairman of the Board of Trustees and of the President of Rowan College at Burlington County

On the Certificate:

  • The College’s name
  • The College seal
  • Your name as it was given to the college on your graduation application
  • Certificate name and credits achieved for certificate completion
  • The date your certificate was completed
  • Signatures of President of Rowan College at Burlington County, Chairman of the Board of Trustees and the Program Coordinator

How do I know if I qualify for Honors?
Graduation with Honors is the official recognition by Rowan College at Burlington County of outstanding academic achievement by a student during the entire period of his/her enrollment at the college. This applies only to individuals receiving Associate of Applied Science, Associate of Science, Associate of Arts or Associate of Fine Arts degrees. The corresponding honor will appear on your official transcript. The honor seal will also appear on your diploma. If you are a PTK member, a PTK seal will also appear on your diploma. To see the PTK website for eligibility, Click Here.

The criteria for Honors : 1. A minimum of 30 semester hours at Rowan College at Burlington County, 2. Computed grade point averages (GPA) of credit courses with a cumulative GPA between 3.5 and 4.0.

What types of Honors are available?
The following types of Honors are available: Cum Laude (Honors) Required Cumulative Grade Point Average (GPA): 3.50-3.74 Magna Cum Laude (High Honors) Required Cumulative Grade Point Average (GPA): 3.75-3.89 Summa Cum Laude (Highest Honors) Required Cumulative Grade Point Average (GPA): 3.90 and above.

Which side does the tassel go on?
All candidates should position their tassels on the left side of the academic caps.

What color of tassel should I get?
Prospective graduates are provided with a tassel when picking up the cap and gown. Gold tassels are available for purchase for students documented as having honors.

If I don't go to my Graduation exercises, how can I get a Graduation Program?
Please contact and remaining programs will be mailed to your address on file on a first come-first serve basis.

Where can I find out about internships and jobs after graduation?
Contact Career Services at (856) 222-9311, ext. 1034.

How do I stay in touch with Rowan College at Burlington County after I graduate?
Please visit the Alumni Association at

What if I have a question about my records after I have graduated? Who do I call?
Contact Office of the Registrar at (856) 222-9311, ext. 1560.

How do I get a duplicate diploma?
Contact the Graduation Office at

How do I get a transcript?
Log into your WebAdvisor account to fill out and submit an Official Transcript Request.

Can I take additional courses after I graduate?
Yes. For information on how to obtain a dual degree please contact the Advising Department.

When will my final grades be reflected on my transcript?
Most grades are processed about a week after graduation.

What if I fail a required class my last semester?
You will need to contact an advisor to make a plan to satisfy the requirement. After registering for the final course, please email so that your graduation application can reflect the correct term in which you will satisfy your degree requirements.

How do I get my diploma?
The diploma is mailed to the address you entered on your graduation application.