Health Sciences Program

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Health Science (AAS.HSC)

General Education Credits
  Written and Oral Communications (ENG 101 and ENG 102 required) 6
  Mathematics (MTH 107 required) 3
  Natural Science (BIO 110/111 required) 4
  Social Science (PSY 101 required) 3
  Additional General Education Requirements (SOC 101 and any diversity course required) 6
  Total 22
*See college catalog for general education requirements.
Technical Core
The number of credits awarded for non-credit post-secondary healthcare education will be determined after a review of the documentation. A maximum of thirty credits for certification/ licensure will be granted after completion of the required Rowan College at Burlington County degree requirements (with grades of “C” or higher) resulting in an A.A.S. Degree in Health Science.
  Accredited Allied Health Program 22/30
  Total 52
  Electives 10
  Total 62
  Total Requirements for Degree 64