Health Information Technology

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Electronic Health Record Certificate (SPC-EHR)

What is an Electronic Health Record?

According to the Health Information Management System Society, (HIMSS), an electronic health record (EHR) is a longitudinal electronic record of patient health information generated by one or more encounters in any care delivery setting. Included in this information are patient demographics, progress notes, problems, medications, vital signs, past medical history, immunizations, laboratory data and radiology reports. The EHR automates and streamlines the clinician’s workflow. The EHR has the ability to generate a complete record of a clinical patient encounter - as well as supporting other care-related activities directly or indirectly via interface, including evidence-based decision support, quality management, and outcomes reporting.


Credentials for the Electronic Health Record

The Certified Healthcare Technology Specialist (CHTS) competency exams allow professionals and employers to capitalize on new technologies, procedures and careers.

The CHTS exams assess the competency of individuals seeking to demonstrate proficiency in certain health IT workforce roles integral to the implementation and management of electronic health information. The CHTS exams assess the competency of health IT professionals to:

  • Assess workflows
  • Select hardware and software
  • Work with vendors
  • Install and test systems
  • Diagnose IT problems
  • Train practice staff on systems

The exam is offered through the American Health Information Management Association at:


Program Requirements

The Electronic Health Record Program is being completely revised. The first two courses; HIT 120 Introduction to Healthcare and Public Health and HIT 121 Introduction to IT & Computer Science are being offered in the Fall 2016 term.