Joint Base Campus

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For Adults Living or Working Nearby

You may have heard: Rowan College at Burlington County has an amazing partnership with nationally top-100 ranked Rowan University.  Or you may have heard about our unique “3+1 Program” that will save $75,000 or more from the cost of a four-year bachelor’s program.

But there’s more: we’re bringing Rowan College closer to YOU!

RCBC has made a new commitment to our Joint Base Campus.   

It starts in January 2017 with a growing list of courses taught in the evening, an entirely new computer lab and high-definition video-conferencing.

Beginning next fall, we plan to be offering on the base:

  • Certificate in Cybersecurity.
  • The third year of the bachelor’s degree in Nursing, as part of our acclaimed “3+1” program that is unique in the State of New Jersey.
  • A wide variety of general education courses required for any associate degree in the state.
  • Courses during the day that will lead to the associate degree.

Unlike RCBC’s other campuses, all courses offered on our Joint Base Campus are taught after work in seven-week sessions that allow you to fit your academic objectives into your work lives. 

Every course taught on the base is offered only on in-county tuition rates, which are the lowest in the state.  If you take two courses per session, four courses per term, you qualify as a full-time student and may be eligible for financial aid.

We will help you obtain the security clearance you need to study on the base, and provide the academic and financial assistance counseling you need to succeed with your career objectives. Please note that all information required by the Base must be received at least one full week before classes start.

You will receive an RCBC ID card that will not only admit you to any RCBC campus, but also to many resources and events at Rowan University thanks to the unique Rowan Partnership.

If you are serious about higher education, we are serious about our commitment to you and to our new Joint Base Campus.