The Library of Rowan College at Burlington County

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E-Journals A-Z

Please note that access to the journals listed below varies by title. If you have trouble accessing any of these journals, please contact us for assistance by email, phone (856) 222-9311 x1267, or by texting "AskRCBC" to 66746.

Artforum International (in-Library access only)

Atlantic Monthly (in-Library access only)

Behavioral Disorders (on-campus access only)

Bloomberg Businessweek (in-library access only)

Childhood Education (on-campus access only)

Chronicle of Higher Education (in-Library access only)

Critical Care Nurse (on-campus access only)

Economist (in-Library access only)

English Education (on-campus access only)

Facts and Findings : Official Publication of the National Association of Legal Assistants (in-Library access only)

IEEE Spectrum (on-campus access only)

Inc. (on-campus access only)

International Journal of Periodontics and Restorative Dentistry (on-campus access only)

Journal of Dental Hygiene (on-campus access only)

Journal of Diagnostic Medical Sonography (on-campus access only)

Journal of Periodontology (on-campus access only)

Legal Intelligencer (use restricted to paralegal students and faculty--please contact the Library)

Live Sound (open to all RCBC students, faculty, and staff)

New York Times Online (get a free, one-year pass. Avaialable to all RCBC students, faculty, and staff)

NJ Biz (in-Library access only)

Paralegal Today (in-Library access only)

Radiographics (on-campus access only)

Radiologic Technology (on-campus access only)

Scientific American (in-Library access only)

Theatre Survey (on-campus access only)

Think (on-campus access only)