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Rowan College at Burlington County opens junior-year courses and announces new “3+1” programs

RCBC student with microscope

Community college students can now register for junior-year courses at Rowan College at Burlington County (RCBC) and will have even more “3+1” options next fall as RCBC and Rowan University continue to improve one of the nation’s most affordable paths to a bachelor’s degree.

RCBC is the first community college in the region to offer junior-year courses that begin in spring 2017.

Students who have an associate degree, or are scheduled to receive one in December, can now stay at RCBC for a third year under the “3+1” options. The program will debut in January with three programs: criminal justice, liberal studies (with a concentration in philosophy, and law and justice) and biology.

With “3+1,” students can pay RCBC’s lowest-in-the-state tuition and fees through their junior year before completing their senior year with Rowan University, which offers a 15 percent discount to RCBC alumni who take courses through the university online or in Mount Laurel. This path allows students to save $75,000 compared with most four-year colleges and was one of Money Magazine’s top tuition discount programs in the country.

“The future of affordable higher education has arrived in southern New Jersey,” RCBC President Paul Drayton said. “‘3+1’ is so much more than four. It offers a real solution to the high costs of college by providing students more savings, more high-quality education from two outstanding institutions and more convenience with the most seamless transfer to a university possible.

“The only things you won’t get in this program are outrageously high tuition and student debt,” Drayton added.

3+1 will expand in fall 2017 to include nursing, psychology, general studies, and computing and informatics. The college also announced it has had preliminary discussions to add several new 3+1 programs in the future that may include business administration, mechanical engineering technology with a focus on advanced manufacturing, elementary education and computer science.

To learn more, please visit rcbc.edu/3plus1.

“‘3+1’ is quickly growing not only in numbers, but in the quality of the programs and their relevancy to the workforce,” Rowan University President Dr. Ali A. Houshmand said. “We are very pleased to present the ‘3+1’ option to hardworking students and families who deserve high-quality education without high costs and student debt.”

‘3+1’ was recently featured in a report by the state’s College Affordability Commission that was charged with identifying ways to make college more affordable.

“Rowan College at Burlington County is ahead of the curve in leading the way to affordable education in Burlington County and throughout the region,” said Burlington County Freeholder Mary Ann O’Brien, an RCBC alumna. “Many of our residents are already benefiting from the partnership between RCBC and Rowan University. The expansion of ‘3+1’ will provide those great educational benefits to even more families.”

Course registration for the spring is now open for current RCBC students. New students may apply now and may begin to register for courses on Monday, Nov. 7. There is no registration fee for students who register before Tuesday, Nov. 29.

3+1 is available for students who are currently enrolled, new or transferring from another college. The program can be incorporated into a part-time schedule.