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Local Periodontist Speaks to Dental Hygiene Students

Dental Hygiene students gain real-world insight thanks to local periodontist 

Pemberton, NJ—Dr. Jeffrey Morton, a Moorestown periodontist, helps his patients get back their smiles by treating gum diseases and replacing teeth. On Thursday, Oct. 18, Dr. Morton will be sharing his knowledge of periodontology and surgical concepts with BCC’s dental hygiene students.

Eileen Morrissey’s periodontology class will get a taste of real world concepts and applications from a seasoned professional. Dr. Morton has donated his time each year for the past seven years, to speak to BCC’s dental hygiene students. A licensed periodontal specialist with an office located in Moorestown, Dr. Morton has a special interest in medical-dental relationships and sleep apnea.

Dr. Morton is also a former member of the Board of the Burlington County chapter of the American Red Cross, the treasurer of the New Jersey Society of Periodontists, president of the Burlington County Dental Study Group and an assistant clinical professor of periodontology at the University of Pennsylvania School of Dental Medicine. His office specializes in dental implants, gum disease/halitosis testing, medical treatment for gum damage and headache management.

Guest speakers help bring practical experience into the classroom. Students gain a more intimate knowledge of the everyday challenges and triumphs in any given industry.

The dental hygiene program at BCC is designed to provide learning opportunities through classroom, laboratory and clinical instruction. As an ongoing service to the community, the center, located on the Pemberton campus, provides preventive dental care including cleanings for a nominal fee of $5. For more information, please visit http://staff.bcc.edu/dental/.