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National organization ranks Rowan College at Burlington County’s online program among top 20

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Rowan College at Burlington County’s (RCBC) online program ranks among the top 20 community colleges in the nation for students’ return on investment, according to Online College Plan, which assists parents and students planning for online college education.

Using data from College Measures and the National Center for Education Statistics, RCBC ranked 20th in the nation among two-year colleges that offer online courses. The rankings are based on students paying less for their education and making more money after graduation.

The independent survey found that students achieve a 14.8 percent return on their investment.

“In terms of affordability, quality and achieving results for students, our award-winning online program clearly ranks among the top in the country,” RCBC President Paul Drayton said. “Rowan College at Burlington County has the largest online offerings of any community college in New Jersey, which means students can fit their education into their busy schedule at one of the most affordable prices in the nation.”

“There is still time to take an online course in the fall semester,” Drayton added.

RCBC’s online program was also named Best in Biz by South Jersey Business Magazine for the second year in a row.

“The best part about these rankings is they do not even consider two incredible affordability initiatives we have made this year,” Drayton said. “Our online programs align nicely with our Rowan University partnership, which is among the most affordable paths to a bachelor’s degree in the country. We also offer a new discount for certain online programs to high school students who make the smart decision to get a head start toward their college degree.”

In January, RCBC will be the first community college in New Jersey to offer junior year courses to students before completing a bachelor’s degree with Rowan University. This “3+1” option was cited by Money Magazine as one of the top tuition initiatives in the country. It can save students up to $75,000 compared with other four-year institutions. Initial programs include psychology and law and justice, which are two of RCBC’s 12 programs that can be completed entirely online.

Additionally, the college is offering a 25 percent tuition discount to high school students who take 15 online courses in several areas such as business, criminal justice and psychology.

“Our online programs offer more access, more savings and more options for students,” Senior Vice President and Provost Dr. David Spang said. “We have taken great care to ensure that the same high-quality education occurs online as it does in physical classrooms on our campus.”

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