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RCBC student designs unicorn T-shirt for bookstore

The Rowan College at Burlington County (RCBC) bookstore launched a new T-shirt designed by a student artist that portrays the college mascot Barry riding a unicorn.

The student, Cristina Madrigal, works in the Office of Student Life, where she often decorates windows with whimsical designs using glass-safe paint. One day she depicted the college’s Baron mascot, Barry, riding a unicorn.

“A group of us were discussing funny ideas for Barry and someone suggested that he should ride a unicorn. I can’t picture him riding anything else,” Madrigal said. “I never imagined that my design would wind up on a T-shirt, which is very exciting. I’ve heard from many students and colleagues who are looking forward to wearing one.”

When Follett, the company that manages the college bookstore was looking for an idea for a new T-shirt, the college’s marketing team suggested Madrigal’s image because of the popularity of Barry and unicorns.

“Real barons ride unicorns! This is a fun way to showcase Cristina’s skills while meeting our goal of providing professional opportunities for students that will benefit their studies and future careers.” RCBC President Dr. Michael A. Cioce said. “Cristina will be able to tell future employers one of the largest education retailers in the world brought her work to market.

“This shirt will be a popular item for young and old,” Cioce added. “I congratulate Cristina and thank our partners at Follett for this creative initiative.”

Follett, which operates more than 1,200 campus bookstores throughout the country, said it is unusual to use a student’s design on products they sell.

“We’re thrilled to partner with Cristina and offer her creative T-shirt design in our store. It perfectly captures the unique spirit of the RCBC community,” said Follett Group Vice President Brent Smith. “We’re proud of our 26-year partnership with Rowan College at Burlington County and pleased to have this opportunity to boost Baron spirit and pride.”

This is the second time Madrigal helped promote RCBC through Barry. In the spring, she demonstrated her skill for a time-lapse video with a clever reminder for students to register.

Barry offered two thumbs up and said, through a spokesman, that he is impressed with Cristina’s skill and humbled that she has selected him as a subject.

The shirts are available for sale in the bookstore in the Student Success Center on the Mount Laurel Campus – just in time for the college’s Open House on Saturday, Sept. 28. Visit rcbc.edu/open-house for more information.