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Transfer Students

Students who are identified in the top 15.0% of their high school class at the end of their junior or senior year according to their weighted class rank and did not take advantage of their NJ STARS eligibility immediately following high school graduation may still be eligible. Students must activate their NJ STARS eligibility by the 5th semester following high school graduation in order to be eligible.

NJ STARS Process:

  •  Apply to Rowan College at Burlington County and declare a major that is valid for financial aid.
  • Complete mandatory Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)and State (HESAA) requirements. Indicate RCBC as the first choice college.
  • Confirm all FAFSA and HESAA information is complete, accurate, and received by the college within required deadlines.
  • Submit final official high school transcripts (and other college transcriptsif applicable) to RCBC attn: NJSTARS department.
  • Display college readiness for English, reading, and math (SAT Scores: 450 reading (540 if taken before March 2016), 500 math (530 if taken before March 2016), ACT Scores: 23 reading, 20 math, 23 composite, AP or CLEP scores, CAP classes in English or Math, College level English or Math taken at another regionally accredited institution or RCBC Accuplacer testing)
  • Download, complete, and submit a copy of the NJ STARS contract which can be found at rcbc.edu/njstars/contract.
  • Register for college level courses.
  • Make payment arrangements with business office for fees associated with registration


** Beginning Fall 2017 Student's who are deemed college ready may need to take an additional College Level Math (CLM) test to determine the appropriate math course sequence. This test is required for student's who are declaring a major that requires a calculus math track.

**Beginning Fall 2015, Those students that were identified as NJ STARS eligible solely based upon their high school rank at the end their senior year will be required to provide an official final high school transcript prior to being awarded their eligibility. Failure to provide a final high school transcript can result in a delay of your NJ STARS eligibility.