Distance Education

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Technical Support


KnowledgeBase, Video Tutorials and 24/7 Support

Self-help information is provided by the use of an online KnowledgeBase where you can find answers to many of your Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs).  You can also submit a support request by email, telephone or live chat, 24-hours per day 365 days per year including weekends and holidays.  Visit the Blackboard Student Helpcenter for basic support and answers to common Blackboard questions. The Blackboard helpdesk can not assist with user account creation, RCBC WebAdvisor or Email.

If you would prefer to view video-based tutorials that can answer your questions on how to perform most operations in Blackboard, please visist the Blackboard Learn Video Support Page where you can see the full list of videos and choose which ones you want to watch, or you can view multiple videos in a row about a particular topic using the available playlists.

Additional Support

Primary technical support is provided by your professor. This means that your professor should always be the first person you contact if your are having any problems with your course. If you are having problems with more than one course contact all of your professors! Before contacting your professor, however, please review all of the information on this page, especially the links above. For Blackboard's latest computer system requirements, click here.

Technical support for RCBC's Blackboard system is also be available from the Office of Distance Education by calling (609) 894-9311 or (856) 222-9311, ext. 1790. The Office of Distance Education can also be reached by email to dlearn@rcbc.edu, but please note that only your Professor can make specific course-related decisions regarding class material and grading.  Only the Office of Distance Education can assist faculty and students with user account creation.

Assistance with RCBC systems other than Blackboard (for instance BaronOne, MyMail and WebAdvisor) can be obtained through the Student Help Desk. Students can submit a help desk ticket by visiting: rcbc.edu/studenthelpdesk. The Office of Distance Education can not provide assistance with any system except Blackboard.