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So Who Lived Here Anyway?

Concurrent with the archaeological excavations, historians from Hunter Research are poring over old documents trying to piece together the sequence of ownership of this farmstead and establish who lived there.  This involves examining a range of archival materials spread over almost three centuries – deeds, tax records, census data, old maps and family records such as wills.

And it’s proving quite a challenge.  Although we’re reasonably sure, we’re not yet 100% certain that we have this farmstead site correctly pegged in terms of its owners. For much of the 20th century it was in the hands of the Votta family.  From the late 18th century it was owned by the Ballinger family for more than 100 years. And before that, we think, but are still checking, that the farm was originally settled by the Borton family.  This all depends on our getting the chain of title figured out correctly and making sure the historical data fits with the historic maps, which in this instance, are not very accurately drawn.  For now we are referring to this as the Borton/Ballinger Farmstead Site, but this may change as the research unfolds. Stay tuned.