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RCBC Emergency System

Rowan College at Burlington County (RCBC) uses text, phone and email messages to notify students, faculty and staff of weather cancellations and campus emergencies.

RCBC members should make sure all of their contact information is correct in WebAdvisor.

If you are not affiliated with RCBC and received a test message, please fill out the form below and we will address it. Be sure to include both the wrong number or email we used and a correct one in case we need more information from you.

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How does RCBC handle the snow?

We do everything possible to make sure students can arrive to campus safely and appreciate your patience during the winter months.

Who decides?
An emergency management committee consisting of several departments such as Public Safety, Operations, Logistics, Academics and Communications, discusses the forecast several times leading up to the storm – often late at night and early into the morning.

When will decisions be made?
Each storm is different. We make every effort to wait as long as possible to announce a closure to make sure we have the most current and accurate information. Of course, the safety of our students, faculty and staff is our top concern. We aim to announce a closure at least two hours before classes begin. Always check rcbc.edu before heading to campus during inclement weather.

What factors are considered?
We use a variety of data besides our ability to clear the campus including:

  • Weather forecasts
  • Emergency management reports
  • Conditions of local roads and communities
  • While we consider the decisions of local schools, government agencies and colleges, we make our decision independently.

How will I be notified?
Once the college president authorizes a closure or delayed opening, announcements will be posted in a number of ways including on the college’s website, phone, email and texts to the college community, local media and the college’s social media platforms. Please make sure your contacts are up-to-date in WebAdvisor. 

Does everyone stay home during a closure?
Essential personnel, chiefly Public Safety and Facilities, report to work regardless of the weather to ensure the campus is cleared and safe when the weather improves.