Campus Transformation

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After the Dust Settles

Old Farmhouse Image

In recent weeks, the formal archaeological excavations being conducted at the Borton/Ballinger House site have drawn to a close.  The fieldwork, completed by Hunter Research, Inc. in conjunction with the new construction at Rowan College, was just the beginning of this meticulous process.

The processing, analysis and interpretation of subsurface data and artifacts retained during this project are currently underway.  An estimated 5,000 artifacts were recovered and are generally associated with the historic occupation of the property.  While the majority of the collection probably dates from the late 19th to mid-20th century, a significant amount of material dates to the 18th century occupation of the site.  Laboratory staff at Hunter Research, Inc. are currently washing and analyzing these materials in order to create an integrated digital database of the subsurface data and artifact inventory.  Understanding the deposition of cultural materials will allow us to formulate a clearer understanding of the occupation of the site.

Background research on the project remains ongoing as well.  Historians from Hunter Research, Inc. have recently uncovered new information about the Borton/Ballinger site, including newspaper photographs of the house taken in the late 1980s just prior to its demolition.  These images will, along with what was uncovered during the archaeological excavation, help formulate a logical sequence of the development of the farm house.  Research and analysis remains ongoing at Hunter Research, Inc.’s Trenton-based office.  A more in-depth report summarizing our findings is currently in development.