Joint Base Campus

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Directions to the Joint Base Campus

The Joint Base is a secure U.S. military facility following strict Homeland Security regulations.

RCBC facilitates every student's application for security clearance to the Joint Base every step along the way, so that the process for you will be almost as simple as registering for classes.  

All visitors need to provide personal data at least 72 hours in advance of the first visit so that a background check can be completed. For students, the clearances last for the entire term. See below for further information.  

Access to RCBC's Joint Base Campus is via the McGuire gate on the Cookstown-Wrightstown Road:

Education Center at Joint Base MDL
3829 School Road, Room 107
McGuire AFB, NJ 08641

How to Attend a Class on the Joint Base Campus

The Joint Base requires visitor passes for ALL non-military personnel entering the Base and going to the Joint Base Education Center:  students, drivers, and instructors.  Passes will be issued for the length of the course being taken.  RCBC will help facilitate the process, but everything on the following list should be submitted to Base Security at least one week before classes start to make sure there are no problems:

  • A valid (current) state driver's license with a Homeland Secuirty Seal  OR a valid (current) passport.
  • A valid (current) state auto registration.
  • A valid (current) auto insurance card for at least the lengeth of the class. In cases where insurance does not cover the length of the class, the pass will only be issued to that date - they must return for another pass with updated auto insurance.

Please note: students and instructors must depart from the Base within 30 minutes of the end of the class.

Please call (609) 754-2577 with any questions.