The Culinary Arts Center at RCBC

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Pastry Arts (AAS.PAS)

The Pastry Arts Associate of Applied Science program provides specific preparation training required to prepare students to assume positions as trained pastry professionals in a variety of food service settings including full service restaurants, hotels, resorts, clubs, catering operations, contract food service, and health care facilities. Course offerings emphasize practical application, a strong theoretical knowledge base, professionalism, and provide the critical competencies to successfully meet industry demands. Graduates should qualify for entry-level positions such as pastry cook and assistant pastry chef. With experience, graduates may advance to positions such as pastry-chef, executive pastry chef, or food service director.

Please note the difference in tuition cost per credit for "CUL" courses. To see a breakdown of the cost per credit at RCBC, click here.

General Education:

  Written and Oral Communications 6
  Math (MTH 107 or higher) 3
  Natural Science           4
  Social Science 3
  Arts and Humanities 3
  Additional General Education  3
  Total General Education 22
Program Courses:  
CUL-107 Culinary Arts 4
CUL-125 Foundations of Professional Baking 3
CUL-160 Patisserie 4
CUL-211 Purchasing and Menu Planning 3
CUL-235 Advanced Baking 4
CUL-216 A La Carte 3
CUL-230 Culinary Arts Practicum 3
CUL-240 Confectionary Arts and Plated Desserts 4
CUL-245 Cafe Operation and Artisanal Bread Baking 4
FSM-125 Food Service Sanitation and Accident Prevention 2
FSM-215 Elementary Nutrition 2
HOS-110 Introduction to Hospitality 3
  Total Program Course Credits 39
  Total Degree Credits 61