The Culinary Arts Center at RCBC

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Hospitality and Tourism Management (AS.HOS)

This program prepares students for entry level management positions in the hospitality and tourism industry. There is an emphasis on tourism and developing tourism opportunities within the State of New Jersey. In addition, this degree emphasizes ecotourism and using New Jersey’s natural resources as tourist attractions.

General Education:

  Written Communications 6
  Math (MTH 107 or higher) 3
  Natural Science           8
  Social Science 6
  Arts and Humanities 3
  History 3
  Diversity 3
  Total General Education 32
Program Courses:  
CUL 107 Introduction to Culinary Arts 4
HOS 110 Introduction to Hospitality 3
HOS 120 Service Management 4
HOS 160 Accounting for Hospitality 3
HOS 225 Hotel Operations 3

HOS 235

Ecotourism Destinations/NJ Focus 3
HOS 250 Hospitality Human Resource Management 3
HOS 265 Hospitality Practicum 3
FSM 125 Food Service Sanitation and Accident Prevention 2
  Total Program Course Credits 28
  Total Degree Credits 60


Planned Learning Outcomes

Graduates of this program should be able to:

  • Apply foundational business concepts and theories to the hospitality industry;
  • Analyze the best hospitality practices;
  • Demonstrate teamwork to achieve hospitality driven goals;
  • Analyze and solve problems using 21st century hospitality tools and resources;
  • Illustrate the skills necessary for planning in the hospitality industry;
  • Describe the diverse sectors of the global hospitality industry.