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Learn how to fly drones at Rowan College at Burlington County starting Oct. 14

Rowan College at Burlington County is offering a new personal and professional development course this fall, “Introduction to Drone Operation,” starting Oct. 14.

“Don’t just buy the best drone you can, you should buy one that matches your ability level and then learn how to use it,” said Eugene Daniels, owner of InFlight, LLC, who will be teaching RCBC’s course.

The month-long non-credit course will teach students how to fly a drone with reduced risk to self, others and property by stressing the Federal Aviation Administration’s safety rules.

Daniels, who is an FAA-certified pilot of small unmanned aircraft, explained, “It is very easy to crash a drone, so you really need to learn how to fly it and learn how to take the proper precautions and FAA safety measures. If you want to be certified to fly a drone, this course is a good first step to learn the basics.”

The FAA recently implemented a new rule that requires people who operate drones commercially to take a test and get certified as remote pilots. So far, more than 63,000 remote pilot certificates have been issued. According to the FAA, the commercial and civilian use of drones is the fastest growing field in aviation. Professionals have used drones for everything from search and rescue missions to power line inspections, to taking photos and video to sell real estate.

Students will receive personalized attention and hands-on interaction with various types of recreational drones. The class is capped at 12 students. It will be offered every Saturday from Oct. 14 through Nov. 4 from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. and costs $250.

To register, visit rcbc.edu/ppd/recreation and enter the following course number in the express online registration form: CFS 620 30.