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Soulful Lunch at RCBC's Culinary Arts Center adds flavor to Black History Month celebrations

Dahmil Bettis

Rowan College at Burlington County’s Soulful Lunch, which is part of the college’s Black History Month programming, will feature a guest chef demonstration by Dahmil Bettis of Rochester’s BBQ & Grill in Lawnside and a soulful meal at the RCBC Culinary Arts Center in Mount Holly on Sunday, Feb. 18.

Bettis, sous chef at Rochester’s BBQ & Grill, oversees the daily operations in the kitchen. Rochester’s Barbecue & Grill combines the universal brotherhood of outdoor chefs and the preparation of heart-healthy comfort foods without sacrificing taste. In addition to cooking, Bettis is an excellent baker and responsible for perfecting the restaurant’s popular homemade cornbread. During the Soulful Lunch, he will provide a cooking demonstration and discuss the background of a soulful dish.

RCBC Director of Culinary and Pastry Arts Chef James Brudnicki and RCBC culinary students will prepare and serve a meal of carefully crafted items that carry the essence of soul food with an influence of modern technique. Some of dishes on the menu include buttermilk-fried chicken with pickled okra, sweet potato spoonbread with apple compote and a caramel cake with maple and pecans.

Tickets are $15 per person. The first demo show starts at 1 p.m. and the second show starts at 3 p.m. Tickets for either show can be purchased online at rcbc.edu/aacc. Please bring your online receipt as proof of purchase to the event. The Culinary Arts Center is located at the college’s Mount Holly Campus, 21 Mill Street.

For more information about Rowan College at Burlington County’s Black History Month offerings, please call the RCBC African American Cultural Committee hotline at (856) 222-9311, ext. 1338 or visit rcbc.edu/aacc.

Pictured: Chef Dahmil Bettis