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Financial Aid FAQ for 3+1 Juniors

Financial aid is awarded by Rowan University to 3+1 juniors. RCBC does not award aid to juniors. Rowan University must be listed on the FAFSA to receive financial aid.

What is Rowan University’s FAFSA School Code?

What is Rowan College at Burlington County’s FAFSA School Code?

When will my aid be processed by Rowan University?
In addition to adding Rowan University to your FAFSA, you need to complete the admission process through the Rowan Relations Office. If you have not signed your 3+1 forms or sent all college transcripts to Rowan University, your aid will not be processed. Please contact to assist with the admissions process. Rowan University will begin to process aid when your FAFSA and the admissions process is completed.

Where can I view my financial aid? It’s not listed in WebAdvisor.
Your financial aid is listed in your Rowan University banner/self service account. Your bill and course schedule is still listed in WebAdvisor. Please make sure you complete all documents listed in your banner/self service account to complete your financial aid. If there is no aid listed in banner/self service, please make sure you have signed your 3+1 documents and sent all college transcripts to Rowan University.

I signed and handed in all my forms, but my award is not listed in Banner/Self Service?
Please give Rowan University at least a week to process your 3+1 forms and transcripts. If it has been longer than a week, please contact

I am a 3+1 student starting this fall term. I had aid during the spring 18 term at RCBC. What do I need to do to receive aid in the fall term? Am I getting financial aid at RCBC?
Rowan University is handling your financial aid for the fall term. Please make sure to complete your admissions process with the Rowan Relations Office at RCBC and add Rowan University (002609) on your 2018-2019 FAFSA. Once your admissions process is complete with the Rowan Relations Office, Rowan University can begin to process your financial aid. You can follow up with the financial aid office at Rowan University once your admission process is completed -

Can I get my textbooks and supplies at the RCBC Bookstore?
Yes, juniors and seniors in the 3+1 program can purchase books and supplies in the RCBC bookstore.

Can I still receive a book voucher?  
Yes. To request a book voucher, please send an email to to request a book voucher. 3+1 students enrolled at RCBC, who have an award from Rowan University, will be listed on a special Book Voucher List at the RCBC Bookstore as students with exceptions. The RCBC Financial Aid Department Supervisors will confirm with Rowan University that pending aid will become available to cover Tuition & Fees and a Book Voucher and if so, the student will be added to the exception list.

Will I get a financial aid check from Rowan University?
Students enrolled in the 3+1 program will receive a financial aid check/refund from RCBC. When Rowan University disburses funds, that money will disburse through the Bursar’s Office at RCBC to pay the student’s bill. Any remaining funding is then sent to the student by mail or by direct deposit into the student’s bank account, if the student requested that method.

Registration told me that my bill is due in 10 days. I receive financial aid but the aid amount is not showing on my RCBC bill. Will my classes be deleted if I do not make a payment?
If you are a 3+1 junior, will have a hold placed on your account to give Rowan University time to have their financial aid processed. This hold will prevent you from being deleted for non-payment.

When will I know RCBC has my award from Rowan University?
In the middle of the term, Rowan University will disburse aid to RCBC. RCBC will update your WebAdvisor account. If there is a balance after your award is added, you are responsible for covering the difference.

Can I work under the student employment program through RCBC if I am an admitted 3+1 student?
No. Since all Financial Aid, including Federal Work Study funding, is processed through Rowan University, students are not permitted to participate in the student employment program on the RCBC campus.  

Please email with any additional questions.