Aquatics Programs at BCC

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Pool Schedule

Call the Aquatic Hotline (609) 894-4278 for class registration, pool, rentals, and schedule updates. For pool schedule updates/pool closings call (609) 894-9311, ext. 1010

Lap Swim Notice
Due to updates to the 2018/19 High School Swim Meet Schedule, there will be no evening lap swimming during December.

Pool closed on the following dates:

  • Wednesday, November 21 through Sunday November 25
  • Friday, December 21 through Wednesday, January 2
  • Monday, January 21 Martin Luther King, Jr. – Holiday
  • Special Olympics Meet Saturday, March 2 at 12:30 pm

Winter Pool Schedule

November 11, 2018 - March 8, 2019

  Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
7 AM - 8 AM Lap Swim Lap Swim Lap Swim Lap Swim Lap Swim Closed Closed
8 AM - 9 AM Lap Swim Lap Swim Lap Swim Lap Swim Lap Swim Lessons Closed
9 AM - 10 AM Lessons* Lessons*       Lessons* Lap & Lessons* Lap/Rec Swim Lessons Closed
10 AM - 11 AM Lessons*      Lessons*   Lessons* Lessons Lap/Rec Swim Lessons Lap/Rec/Rental
11 AM - 12 PM  Lessons* Lap & Lessons*  Lessons* Lap & Lessons* Lap/Rec Swim Lessons Lap/Rec/Rental
12 PM - 1 PM Lap/Rec Swim Lap/Rec Swim Lap/Rec Swim Lap/Rec Swim Lap/Rec Swim Lessons Lap/Rec/Rental
1 PM - 2 PM Lap/Rec Swim Lap & Lessons Lap/Rec Lap & Lessons Lap/Rec Swim Meets Rental
2 PM - 2:30 PM Lap/Rec Swim Lap/Rec Swim Lap/Rec Swim Lap/Rec Swim Lap/Rec Swim Meets Rental
2:30 PM - 7:30 PM HS Swim Team HS Swim Team HS Swim Team HS Swim Team HS Swim Team Meets Rental
7:30 PM - 9 PM *Lap & Rental *Lap & Rental  *Lap & Rental *Lap & Rental Rentals Meets                Closed

Membership is Required for everyone including RCBC Students, Staff, Faculty, or Alumni who have a current validated RCBC ID. For membership information, please obtain the RCBC Fitness Brochure. ID’s are kept at the pool desk during pool usage. The pool schedule is subject to change without notice & lessons have priority of pool space.

Call the Aquatic Hotline (609) 894-9311, ext. 1010 for pool schedule updates/pool closings

Special Notes:

  • Schedule may be changed due to class cancellation or changes.
  • Swimmers may need to exit the water for class set up.
  • Family Changing Area available off the pool deck for children over 5 years of age with a parent of the opposite gender.

Pool Admittance:

  1. Only those wearing a bathing suit are permitted in the pool enclosure except for special events.
  2. Children under three years old MUST wear a disposable swim diaper with tight-fitting leak proof plastic pants or a reusable diaper.
  3. Swimmers MUST sign in. Teens must record the name of a parent or guardian and the phone number where parent may be reached should an emergency occur.
  4. An adult who is in the water MUST supervise children under 12 who are less than 5 feet tall and are non-swimmers or have limited swimming ability (use floatation devices) within 5 yards.
  5. One adult in the water is required for every 3 children under age 12.
  6. Lifeguards on duty need to evaluate each swimmer entering the deep end if they are unfamiliar with their swim skills by administrating a brief swim test.
  7. Scuba type masks and/or ball playing not permitted.
  8. Non swimmers are not permitted in the deep water.
  9. Children over 5 years of age with a parent of the opposite gender enter the pool area through the side doors.
  10. Cell phone use is strictly prohibited in pool area.
  11. Only Coast Guard approved flotation devices are permitted.

Adult Lap:

  • Designed for those 16 years and older who can swim or move through the length of the pool NON STOP within the designated circle pattern when more than 6 swimmers are in the pool.
  • MUST be able to understand and follow the principle of lap swim etiquette.

Lap/Rec Swim:

  • Lap lanes and recreational area set up Family Swim Only recreational area set up , split up shallow and deep.

TWO BLASTS OF THE WHISTLE - CLEAR THE POOL IMMEDIATELY! Lifeguards will enforce all rules and regulations. Uncooperative swimmers will leave the facility and no refund will be given.

Schedule may be subject to change. Check for posted notification or call the college pool hotline at (609) 894-4278.