Geospatial Technology

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GIS Day is an international recognition of the value and versatility of geospatial technology in our world. It provides an opportunity for geospatial technology professionals to educate the community about these resources and demonstrate their application. Thousands of people across the country attend various GIS Day events hosted by schools, government agencies, and other organizations each year.

In 2005, RCBC joined with the Burlington County Office of Information Technology (GIS Department) to organize, promote, and run the GIS Day event. Since this time, our event has grown considerably, both in scope and attendance. 

GIS Day at RCBC includes presentations from a number of speakers who provide information on the various ways in which geospatial technology is being utilized to address real world problems and issues. Additionally, hands-on activity sessions utilizing GIS software and GPS units are organized to allow visitors to see first-hand the use and application of these technologies. 

Regional organizations have contributed to the success of the GIS Day events at RCBC by sponsoring breakfast and lunch items during the event. GIS Day 2011 at RCBC has been supported with assistance from:

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