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BCC Workforce Training Earns Statewide Acclaim

Burlington County College’s (BCC) corporate training program, an integral part of Freeholder Director Leah Arter’s Workforce Development Initiative, is highlighted by the New Jersey Community College Consortium in February’s edition of New Jersey Business Magazine.

The article details how Freedom Mortgage, of Mount Laurel, which won the accolade of fastest growing employer from the Inc. 5000’s “Hire Power” ranking of private companies, turned to BCC to train 188 employees, from loan processors to executives, in a variety of communications skills. Click here to read the article.

BCC offers customized training courses to a variety of local employers. Freedom Mortgage qualified for free training under the state’s Basic Skills Workforce Training Program, which offers classes in computer operations, math and measurement, verbal and written communications, English as a second language and Spanish in the workplace.

Last year, 19 employers took advantage of this program at BCC to train more than 2,000 workers.

This week, at the Burlington County Regional Chamber of Commerce’s installation dinner, Arter discussed her new countywide Workforce Development Initiative, which includes providing job training to better meet the needs of local employers.

“Matching the workforce training programs with the needs of the private sector helps develop employees’ skills and grow local businesses, which will ultimately benefit the economy and create more job opportunities,” Arter said. “Burlington County College’s workforce training program, a key part of the Workforce Development Initiative, deserves recognition from statewide organizations and publications.”

“Additional training makes employees more valued and businesses more productive and profitable,” BCC President David C. Hespe said. “Burlington County College has helped countless individuals advance in their careers and many local businesses exceed their goals. We look forward to working with Freeholder Director Arter on her Workforce Development Initiative to help even more of them.”

To learn more about BCC’s workforce training programs, which are offered on campus, at a business or across the globe via teleconferencing, contact Roy Miller, Associate Dean of Corporate College and Workforce Development at rmiller@bcc.edu or 856-222-9311, ext. 2521.

To learn more about the state’s Basic Skills Workforce Training Program, which is funded by the N.J. Department of Labor and Workforce Development in partnership with the N.J. Community College Consortium for Workforce and Economic Development and the N.J. Business & Industry Association, visit: http://njworkforce.org/nj_business.html.