Radiography Program

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The Profession

The practice of radiography is performed by a segment of health care professionals responsible for the administration of ionizing radiation to humans and animals for diagnostic, therapeutic or research purposes. This objective is accomplished by:

  • arranging devices to lessen discomfort and prevent patient motion
  • positioning the patient for imaging of the desired area
  • adjusting equipment/factors to obtain a clear undistorted view of the area of interest
  • determining proper current voltage and exposure time for each procedure
  • preparing and administering contrast media
  • evaluating radiographic quality of obtained images
  • ensuring radiation protection for personnel, patients and the general public
  • keeping records/ files and preparing reports of procedures

Integral to radiography are: direct patient care, communication skills and technical/scientific activities.


Why Study Radiography at RCBC?

  • no previous training necessary
  • training provided using the latest medical equipment
  • program provides both solid theoretical knowledge and practical hands-on laboratory and clinical experience in   diagnostic imaging
  • skilled faculty members provide professional and educational guidance for students


Job Opportunities

  • hospital
  • out-patient facility
  • free standing clinics