Student Research Program

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Application Process

Requirements & Expectations

  1. Accepted students are required to register in-person after obtaining written permission from their faculty mentor.
  2. Research students will perform research activities each week for the duration of the 10-week term.
  3. Research students will be expected to present their research as a final report, poster, or oral presentation.  The faculty mentor will decide the required form of the deliverable.
  4. It is anticipated that research students will participate in the Lunch and Learn sessions and the Undergraduate Research Poster Symposium.

Benefits of Student Research

  1. Student research provides the opportunity to gain hands-on experience with the Scientific Method.  A UGR student’s experience may include literature searches, experimental design, experimentation, data interpretation, and presentation of the project.
  2. Student research provides the opportunity to improve laboratory techniques and learn new techniques.
  3. Student research enhances a student’s resume, which may lead to other opportunities after RCBC.
  4. Student research provides experience with and dedication to seeing a project through to completion.

Application Criteria and Process

The student research courses are typically run as 10-week courses during the fall, spring, and possibly summer term.  The availability of faculty mentors varies each term.  To apply to the Student Research Program, contact the faculty member with whom you are interested in working.  The faculty member will decide if you have completed the appropriate prerequisites and have sufficient time availability.  Faculty email addresses can be found under the Faculty Research and Interests tab on the left of this page.

For any other student research questions or concerns, contact:

Jennifer Rienzi 
(856) 222-9311, ext. 2030