Student Research Program

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Faculty & Research Interests

Terrence SherlockTerrence P. Sherlock, MA
Assistant Professor of Chemistry

MA, Temple University
BS, Rowan University

Peer Reviewed Publications:

Sherlock, T.P; Stewart, L, Ph.D; Ryan, Justin; and Santarsiero, Janelle; "Developing Novel Chemical Fingerprints of Red Wine Using High Performance Liquid Chromatography"  Journal of Undergraduate Chemistry Research,  2015 14(3), 59. 

Sherlock, T. P. and A. Foy "Analysis of Brand Name and Imposter Fragrance
Formulations." Journal of Undergraduate Chemistry Research, 2011, 10(1), 171.

Sherlock, T. P. and E. Taylor "Determination of the Ethanol Level in Commercial Gasolines by Gas Chromatography" Journal of Undergraduate Chemistry Research, 2010, 9(1), 55

Sherlock, T. P. "Chemistry Intellectual Property" Real World Learning Object published online by New Jersey Community College Strategic Partnership (2005)

Conference Presentations:

Sherlock, T.P., S. Gibson, Z. Kangal, and J Kastelein "Detection of Phthalates in Plastic Fishing Lures" Presented at the 244th National Meeting of the American Chemical Society, Paper Number 249 (2012)

Sherlock, T. P., J. Styer, and R. Oesterle. "Does the Solvent Affect the Relative Nucleophilic Strength of Halide Ions in an SN2 Type Reaction?"  Laboratory Experiences in the Undergraduate Curriculum: Presented at The 37th Middle Atlantic Regional Meeting (May 22-25, 2005) of the American Chemical Society (2005).

Research Interests:

The chemistry of consumer products, intellectual property, and reverse engineering.


Greg PeruginiGreg M. Perugini, MA
Physics Instructor

MA, Rutgers University
BA, University of Kentucky

Referred Publications:

Experimental Physics instructor for various National Science Foundation Optec Programs, providing Laser Optic and Photonic education to educators throughout the country.

Co-Author of textbook, "Laser Materials."

Co-Author of textbook, "Solar Energy Systems," available on Amazon in October, 2012.

Research Interest:

To utilize the now dormant satellite dishes, which are located in Pemberton and Mt. Laurel, as radio telescopes. Since they were utilized on the microwave transmission "K" and "G" bands, they can be modified to view the heavens on these bands, specifically the Hydrogen lines which are not saturated by current technologies.

For utilizing the current NASA telescopes on hand, we need to do full specifications and research to build a proof-of-technology system that will be capable of remotely controlling the telescope from any classroom and reviewing the images from CCD video cameras attached. Optionally we would like to explore the capability of viewing and controlling these telescopes wirelessly.


Marc ZamkotoswiczMarc Zamkotowicz, M.Sc
Physical Science Instructor

M.Sc., Old Dominion University
B.Sc., Bloomsburg University
Professional Certificate in Geomatics, Rutgers University

Publications and Presentations:

Zamkotowicz, Marc D. and Whittecar, G. Richard, Elevation as a Control on the Formation of Boulder Streams in the Blue Ridge of Virginia, Virginia Academy of Science Abstracts program, 74th Annual Meeting, May 1996.

Zamkotowicz, Marc D., A Multidisciplinary Approach to Curriculum Development in Geospatial Technology, ESRI International Education Users Conference Abstracts Program, August 2004.

ESRI Mid-Atlantic Users Group Conference, Education and Industry: Working Together to Enhance Community College GIS Programs, November 2006, Philadelphia, PA

Research Interests:

Earth and Environmental Science

Application of geospatial technology (geographic information systems, the global positioning system, and remote sensing) to data analysis


Jonathan WeisbrodJonathan Weisbrod, MA
Mathematics Instructor

MA, Rowan University
BA, Rowan University

Selected Publications / Presentations:

Weisbrod, Jonathan "Berggren Tree of Pythagorean Triples Using Dickson's Formulas" MAA Mathfest, Hartford, CT. August 2, 2013.

Weisbrod, Jonathan "Graphing the Iterations of Selected Polynomials Modulo n." MAA Mathfest, Madison, WI. August 3, 2012

Weisbrod, Jonathan "Examining the Dynamical System Maps of Various Polynomials over Finite Fields Using Mathematica." MAA-AMS Joint Mathematics Meeting, Boston, MA. January 6, 2012.

Weisbrod, Jonathan "On Numbers That Can Be Expressed as the Sum of Two Positive Squares in Exactly n Distinct Ways." MAA Mathfest, Lexington, KY. August 6, 2011.

Weisbrod, Jonathan "An Unusual look at Primitive Pythagorean Triples." Mathematical Spectrum 2010/2011 No. 1.

Weisbrod, Jonathan "Rational Points on Quadric Surfaces." MAA Mathfest, Pittsburgh, PA, August 6, 2010.

Research Interests:

Number Theory, Discrete Dynamical Systems, Abstract Algebra, Computational Mathematics, Geometry


Laura StewartLaura J. Stewart, Ph.D
Chemistry Instructor

Ph.D., University of Massachusetts, Amherst
B.S., University of Massachusetts, Dartmouth

Research Interests:

The utilization of analytical chemistry techniques for the study of various substances.



Ralph FlemmingRalph Flemming, MA
Instructional Assistant

MS, Thomas Edison State College
BS, Delaware Valley College

Professional Experience:

Research Microbiologist for Campbell Soup Company, V.P. Technical Services for UST Corporation, President for Bel Air Food Technology Corporation.

Professional Associations:

Charter Member of Institute of Thermal Processing Specialists
AAFCO Associate
Institute of Food Technologists


U.S. patent no. 5,954,675. A Method of Ultrasound Therapy.

Research Interests:

Biological and gasification systems to remove environmental pollutants.


Jennifer RienziJennifer Rienzi, MS
Biology Instructor

M.S. Saint Joseph College
B.S., Stockton College of New Jersey

Professional Experience:

Bottlenose Dolphin Research
Conducted surveys on wild Atlantic Bottlenose dolphins in the sounds, tidal rivers and creeks along the Atlantic coast. The purpose of this study was to obtain the relative abundance and distribution of Atlantic bottlenose dolphins, to observe and record their behavior and to obtain photographs of their dorsal fin for the photo identification catalog.

Conducted research at The Dolphin Institute, a not-for-profit arm of the Kewalo Basin Marine Mammal Laboratory (KBMML) of the University of Hawaii. Research covered studies of dolphin sensory perception, cognition and intelligence.

Striped Bass Studies
Participated in an ongoing study of striped bass life history. This was accomplished via gill net capture and laboratory examinations of scales, wire tags and computer data analysis.

Research Interests:
Marine Biology and Environmental Science.

Spring 2015/Summer Research
Fish tissue sampling for contaminants and bioaccumulation in local fish populations in Burlington County lakes and potential effects on human health.

2016 Current Research:

  • Fish tissue sampling for contaminants and bioaccumulation in local fish populations in Burlington County lakes and potential effects on human health
  • Labeling of food sources as they relate to GMOs