Student Research Program

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Completed Projects

Detection of Phthalates in Plastic Fishing Lures

Terrence P. Sherlock, Samantha L. Gibson, Zuhal Kangal, Jessica Kastelein
Paper Number 248
224th ACS National Meeting, Philadelphia, PA
August 23, 2012

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Analysis of Brand Name and Imposter Fragrance Formulations

Terrence P. Shelock and Angela Foy
Journal of Undergraduate Chemistry Research, 2011

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Determination of the Ethanol Level in Commercial Gasolines by Gas Chromatography

Terrence P. Sherlock and Elliot Taylor
Journal of Undergraduate Chemistry Research, 2010

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Does the Solvent Affect the Relative Nucleophilic Strength of Halide Ions in an SN2 Type Reaction?

Tuesday, 24 May 2005 - 11:25 AM 508
This presentation is part of: Laboratory Experiences in the Undergraduate Curriculum
Terrence P. Sherlock, Ralph Fleming, Ryan Oesterle, and Jared Styer.
Burlington County College, Mount Laurel, NJ

As part of our first semester organic chemistry laboratory course, our students have traditionally run a version of a classic textbook experiment that complements their study of mechanisms in nucleophilic substitution reactions. In the experiment, bromide and chloride ions are competing nucleophiles in an SN2 type reaction with 1-butanol in aqueous solution. Typical results indicate the ratio of brominated product to chlorinated product to be on the order of 10:1. Students have been curious whether, as their textbook predicts, this ratio could be affected by proper selection of solvents. Experiments were designed and conducted to test this theory, and the results will be presented.

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