New Pathways to Teaching in New Jersey at RCBC

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Getting Started

There are numerous steps to qualify to become a teacher candidate through the alternate route and to complete the requirements for standard certification. Alternate route candidates come from a wide variety of backgrounds and careers. If you like working with young children or teens and decide to pursue this challenging career change, you will enjoy the camaraderie and support of an interesting cohort of colleagues as you go through the program.

*Note Steps 1, 2, and 3 may be done in any order.

  1. Take our Introduction to Teaching 50-hour Pre-service Program approved by the DOE.
    (See Basic Eligibility Requirements, page 2, for information on the DOE approved NPTNJ 50-hour program)
  2. Pass the Praxis Subject Assessment Exam in Your Subject Area.
    A passing grade on the Praxis Subject Assessment test in the subject area/s you plan to teach is required to show subject matter competency. Some subject areas require more than one test; a few subjects require no Praxis Subject Assessment test.

    The tests are given throughout the year at various locations throughout the state. Praxis tests are given by appointment at local testing centers including the Mount Laurel Campus of Rowan College at Burlington County. Go to the ETS website, or call 609-771-7395 for testing and registration information.

    After taking the test, ETS will forward your Praxis score to you and to the DOE. Be sure to use the code for the DOE Office of Certification and Induction, code R7666, on the Praxis registration. You must include your Social Security number on the application. This is the only way to insure your Praxis scores goes directly to your file at the DOE. 

    Passing the Praxis Subject Assessment is required to obtain a Certificate of Eligibility (CE). A Praxis score does not expire but ETS does not keep records for more than five years. Print out sufficient copies of your Praxis II scores when they become available.

  3. Pass the Praxis Core Academic Skill Testing or submit the results of your SAT, ACT, or GRE scores.
    Effective September 1, 2015, the DOE requires passing the 3 Praxis Core Academic Skill exams—reading, writing and mathematics exams or submitting score results from the SAT, ACT, or GRE examinations taken previously. See the Department of Education website for the cut-off scores for each exam.
  4. Request Official Transcripts
    Request official transcripts from each college you have attended and deliver or have the transcripts mailed to the NPTNJ office at the address on the page 12.  Copies are not acceptable.
    You will need a total of three (3) official transcripts from each college attended during the total application process. All transcripts must be sealed in separate envelopes. Three official transcripts from each college attended are required for the NPTNJ application process. If you receive the transcripts, do not open. Mail or deliver to the NPTNJ office. A transcript is not official if it has been opened. All transcripts will be held in your file at NJCU.
  5.  Apply for the CE
    You must apply and pay for your CE online and obtain your personal tracking number at:

    Allow 6-8 weeks for the DOE to review your packet. It is recommended that you have the NPTNJ Coordinator review your packet prior to sending the information in on your own. Make a copy of all documents for your personal record. The following documents must be assembled

  • Copy of Praxis Subject Assessment score from ETS (see #2 on page 5) if required
  • Copy of  Core Academic Skills Testing/SAT/ACT/GRE data (see #3 on page 5) or official SAT, ACT, or GRE scores
  • Official transcripts (see #4 above)
  • Notarized Oath of Allegiance (available and completed on the the DOE website for each CE)
  • Completion of Physiology and Hygiene requirement (military service, appropriate college course, or the  DOE exam)  

NOTE: It is important to fulfill the above requirements and apply for your CE as soon as possible. You must have your CE “in hand” rather than “in process” to enroll in Semester One.

  1. Take Physiology and Hygiene Test
    If your transcript does not indicate study in any of the following areas you must take the Physiology and Hygiene Test. The test is given by the RCBC Program Coordinator.

    The areas of college study that exempt you are: human biology, personal health problems, community health, school health, family health, health counseling, nutrition, or health administration. Military service will also fulfill this requirement. If you are not certain you have fulfilled this requirement in your college studies, we suggest you take the test by making an appointment at the NPTNJ Office at Rowan College at Burlington County as soon as you meet all other requirements. A tracking number from the DOE is required to take the Physiology and Hygiene Test.

  2. Apply to the New Jersey City University NPTNJ Program. Applications will be available on-line at the NJCU/NPTNJ website beginning in July of 2018 for the 2018-2019 program and in November of 2018 for the 2019-2020 program.

          Your NPTNJ Application Packet is complete when NJCU has on file:

  • three official transcripts from each college attended (see #4 on page5)
  • completed, original, NPTNJ Application completed on-line
  • Letter of Agreement for appropriate Semester
  • Copy of Certification View Screen from DOE website or Copy of your CE
  1. Semester I 
    If you meet the eligibility requirements you will be admitted to Semester I when all items that comprise the application packet have been received by the NPTNJ/NJCU office (see #7). Registration and payment procedures, current fees, program dates/times and other relevant information will be given when you return the NPTNJ Application.

    Students may complete Semester 1 in one year and come back to complete Semester 2 in another year. At the present time, there is no time limit between completing Semester 1 and returning to complete the other semesters.  Please note that requirements to achieve standard certification may change in the interim between stages.

  2. Semester 2
    Enrollment in Semester 2:
  • Successful completion of Semester 1 (see #8 on page 6)
  • Enrollment on a credit basis or non-credit if employed as a teacher
  • Provisional teaching job in a public, charter, or private K-12 school. This means you are hired as the “teacher of record” in a subject in which you have a CE. Part-time jobs (minimum 15 hours/week) are acceptable though the teacher candidate will need to teach more than two years (the equivalent of two full years of teaching) to receive standard certification. Teacher aide, teacher assistant or daily substitute positions are not acceptable. Employed teachers may enroll on a credit or non-credit basis
  • A long-term substitute job is acceptable if
    1. You have a CE in the subject area and are the teacher of record.
    2. The school or district is willing to enroll you in the Provisional Teacher Program
  •  Enrollment in the Provisional Teacher Program (PTP): All newly hired teachers must be enrolled by their school or district in the Provisional Teacher Program (PTP) with the DOE.

     To successfully complete all semesters, students must fulfill all program requirements and    earn a minimum grade of B. Credit students will receive NJCU graduate credits. Both credit and noncredit students will receive a program Completion Certificate.

    When all provisional year requirements for the two provisional years have been met, the teacher candidate will receive standard certification from the NJDOE.