New Pathways to Teaching in New Jersey at RCBC

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You are eligible to be hired as a provisional teacher after you receive your CE. The CE is an official DOE document that shows you are qualified to teach that subject in NJ.

It is easiest to get a job in physics, chemistry, other sciences, math, and languages. The most difficult job to get is an elementary education position in a suburban school. Urban schools, private and charter schools often have jobs in all areas, at all levels. You are responsible for finding your own job with assistance from the NPTNJ coordinator and instructors.  

If you are hired by a school district and have not completed a traditional teacher preparation program you must be in an alternate route program. NPTNJ is one of those programs. Each year a growing percentage of new teachers throughout the state are alternate route teachers. The NPTNJ program has gained a reputation for high academic standards and for graduating well prepared teachers and is favored by many school districts in the hiring of alternate route teachers.

The county superintendent’s office is one source of county job openings as are the websites of school districts. Following are two helpful websites.