Study Abroad

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Tentative Time

The following should give you an idea of the time required to complete the study abroad application process.


  • Choose your program and contact the study abroad coordinator for more information.
  • Determine what materials will need to be included with your application and arrange to meet again at the beginning of the Fall semester.


  • Apply for or renew passport.
  • Use CCIS website to see what courses are available for your program.
  • Meet with a RCBC academic advisor to find out what courses you still need for graduation and think about what courses at the other institution might fit.
  • Think about what instructors you can ask to provide references.


  • Meet with study abroad coordinator at the beginning of the fall semester to begin completing application form.
  • Approach instructors for references.
  • Begin personal statement.


  • Meet with financial aid to discuss payment options.
  • Choose courses and submit for approval.
  • Check visa requirements.


  • Complete and submit all application documents.
  • Choose housing option if necessary.
  • Finalize course choices with study abroad coordinator.


  • Await decision from program.
  • Register for spring RCBC courses if unsure of outcome.



  • Pay necessary deposit to sponsor school for program fees and/or housing.
  • Make travel arrangements.
  • Get visa, if required.
  • Study abroad coordinator and registrar will enter registration for equivalent RCBC courses.
  • Pay remaining balance of fees.


  • Make arrival plans with sponsor school.
  • Travel to destination.
  • Register for classes, if necessary.


  • Register for summer and/or fall courses if returning to RCBC.
  • Ensure graduation requirements are complete, if necessary.


  • Return to the US.